Revealing the Beautiful Mastiff Shar Pei Mix: Traits & Care Guide

Some dog owners want to have dogs that are unlike any other known dog. That is why they buy designer dogs made by mixing two known breeds. So what would a mix between a Mastiff and a Shar Pei look like?

The Mastiff Shar Pei mix is a unique crossbreed known for its sturdy build and distinctive wrinkled coat. Combining the traits of both parent breeds, this hybrid can make an affectionate companion and a loyal guardian. But this lovely mix is not for everyone.

What are the origins of the Mastiff Shar Pei?

This mixed breed does not have a long origin story, as it was only created recently. However, its parent breeds have a long story to tell.

The Mastiff is part of a group of dogs called mastiffs that were part of many ancient civilizations. These dogs can be found in the history of Greece, Rome, and China, among others. The Old English Mastiff is the one typically talked about, and it was accepted as such by the AKC in 1885.

The Shar Pei is another ancient breed originating from ancient China. Information about it can be found from 2000 years ago dating to the Han Dynasty. These dogs were used as hunters, herders, and guardians. They were officially accepted by the AKC in 1992.

What is the physical appearance of the Mastiff Shar Pei crossbreed?

These dogs typically inherit a robust, muscular body from their parents. They are usually medium to large-sized dogs. The average weight of this dog is around 40-70 pounds. The average weight is a combination of both parent breeds ranging anywhere from 20-30 inches. These dogs are also very powerful due to the Mastiff genes. Mastiff dogs are known for their strength, for example, Tibetan Mastiffs have one of the highest bite forces compared to most dog breeds.

One very noticeable characteristic of these dogs is their wrinkled coat inherited from the Shar Pei parent. Usually, the coat itself is short and smooth. The color of the coat can vary and include apricot, brindle, fawn, blue, black, red, brown, and more. Sometimes, a black mask can be formed. Additional markings like spots and saddles are also possible.

What are the common temperament traits?

The Mastiff Shar Pei temperament is known for having very loyal, affectionate, and protective traits. Being very vigilant and having a massive size helps these dogs to work as guard dogs.

Otherwise, they are loving and gentle with their families, often forming strong bonds. These dogs are usually gentle and patient with children, making them ideal family pets. That said, monitoring is always important to prevent any accidents. You can expect these dogs to jump on you as a sign of love whenever you are gone for a longer time.

They have a high intelligence making it easier to teach them commands. However, they can also get quite stubborn and require a firm hand and persistence.

How should you care for this hybrid breed?

Caring for dogs is not a simple task, but it has to be done. You need to make sure your dog is clean, healthy, and happy if you want it to love you and live long.

What are the guidelines for grooming and maintaining the mix’s coat?

Caring for a Mastiff Shar Pei mix coat does not require too much effort. Brushing 2-3 times a week should be enough to prevent shedding. These dogs need to have a bath once a month to keep clean. Overbathing can irritate the skin and lead to additional problems. Make sure you use a shampoo meant for dogs, as human shampoos damage the skin and fur of dogs.

Dogs also need their nails clipped and ears cleaned from time to time. Dental care is essential and you should brush their teeth every day.

What should I consider when feeding this dog?

No matter what type of breed it is, any dog needs a proper and nutritious diet to remain healthy. Larger dogs like this one need additional calories that will help them grow larger and maintain their energy throughout the day.

Make sure that the dog you feed is full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Avoid dog food with a high amount of carbs and artificial ingredients. If needed, you can also include some supplements like fiber, fish oil, or chondroitin.

What are the common health issues associated with this crossbreed?

The average lifespan of this mixed breed is around 10 years. Because they are mixed, they might benefit from hybrid vigor and stay healthier for longer.

That said, some common health issues in the Mastiff Shar Pei mix include hip dysplasia, ear infections, and eye problems. One eye problem that this dog might inherit from the Shar Pei parent is Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome or SARDS. Dr. Sara M. Thomasy, for the MSD Veterinary Manual, says this about the disease:

Clinical findings include acute loss of vision (often occurring throughout several days), widely dilated and poorly responsive to nonresponsive pupils, and a relatively normal-appearing fundus. Dogs affected most often are middle-aged to older, with spayed females overrepresented, often presenting with clinical signs that include weight gain, lethargy, polyuria, polydipsia, and polyphagia.

How can you effectively train and socialize this mix?

This smart but stubborn dog needs an owner that can be persistent and clear with their commands. Obedience training should start from an early age. Using positive reinforcement is essential as the mix responds positively to praise and rewards.

Early socialization plays a crucial role in shaping the mix’s behavior and ensuring they grow into well-adjusted and confident dogs. Exposing them to various people, animals, and environments from a young age will help reduce potential behavioral issues later in life. “The socialisation ‘window’ is between three and 12 weeks. As you won’t be able to get your puppy until they are at least eight weeks old, a good breeder will have already started this important process.”, says the Blue Cross organization.

What are the Shar Pei Mastiff exercise needs?

These dogs require regular exercise to stay fit and mentally stimulated. Daily walks, playtime, and interactive activities are vital to keep them content and prevent behavioral issues. Around one hour of exercise, every day should suffice. For additional mental stimulation, you can also get them some puzzle toys. Playing games like tug of war and fetch can also be fun if you do it properly.

Are there any common misunderstandings or false assumptions about this hybrid breed?

One common misconception is that this mixed dog might be aggressive due to its protective nature. Its large size and menacing appearance might frighten people at first. But these dogs are actually really nice if socialized and trained properly. It all depends on the owner that is raising them.

Where can you find a Mastiff Shar Pei puppy?

If you like how this designer dog sounds, there are a few ways to get it for yourself. You can either buy it from a breeder or adopt it.

What should I look for in a breeder to ensure the well-being of the puppy?

Reputable breeders prioritize the health and well-being of their puppies. They provide health records, offer a clean and nurturing environment for the dogs, and allow potential owners to visit and interact with the puppies parents. They should also be willing to answer questions, offer support, and demonstrate a genuine passion for the well-being of their dogs. Avoid puppy mills at all costs. 

The average Mastiff Shar Pei mix price range would be around $1000-$2000. Because there are no known breeders of this mix, your best option would be to contact breeders of the parent breeds.

Are there any rescue organizations or shelters that specialize in this mix?

Rescue organizations and shelters often have mixed-breed dogs available for adoption. By adopting from such organizations, you can provide a loving home for a dog in need. The prices in the rescue shelters are much lower compared to buying dogs from breeders.

There aren’t any shelters that specialize in having this mixed breed. That said, there are specialized shelters for the parent breeds you can check out.

So how do you like the Mastiff Shar Pei mix?

This dog is a captivating and lovable hybrid breed that brings together the best qualities of both its parent breeds. With a gentle nature, loyalty, and distinctive appearance, it makes for a wonderful companion for families and dog enthusiasts alike.

Its large size and wrinkled appearance might seem frightening to some. But these dogs are really gentle giants once they are trained properly. That said, their loyalty and affection to their owners make them amazing guard dogs that any intruder would run from.

Caring properly for this pup means providing enough exercise, grooming, and nutrition to keep it healthy. If you love how this dog sounds, be sure to check any rescue organizations if they have one to adopt.


Can Mastiffs and Shar Peis breed naturally?

Yes, these dogs can technically breed in a natural way. However, considering the size difference, most breeders choose to commit to artificial insemination so they can avoid any complications that may occur.

Can Mastiff Shar Pei Mixes live in apartments?

Even though it is a large dog, the Mastiff Shar Pei mix can live in an apartment. One condition would be that the apartment is big enough to fit this dog. Otherwise, some attention and grooming are enough to keep this doggy satisfied.

Are Shar-Pei rare?

At one point, in the 60s and 70s, these dogs were the rarest dog breed in the world. Luckily, a breeder named Matgo Law, from Hong Kong, prevented the breed from extinction. Today it is the 68th most popular dog according to the AKC.

What other cool mastiff mixes are out there?

If you are into big and strong dogs, the Cane Corso Bullmastiff mix might be the one for you. The mix between the Mastiff and the Labrador, called Mastador, is perfect if you want another gentle giant.

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