8 Fascinating Husky Mixes That Don’t Shed A Lot

A Siberian Husky mix

Huskies are fluffy, friendly, and loving dogs. One drawback of Huskies is their profuse and constant shedding. If you really want a Husky but don’t want to deal with shedding, you can try a Husky mix. Mixing a Husky with some low-shedding breeds will result in a hypoallergenic puppy with the desirable Husky traits. Some … Read more

The Simple Husky Vs Samoyed Guide: How Do They Compare?

Husky vs Samoyed

Huskies and Samoyeds are two breeds with similar origins. Both come from the northern parts of the world which gives them their fluffy appearance. This is why some people confuse these beautiful dogs. The Husky vs Samoyed comparison gives us a few noticeable differences between these dogs. Samoyeds are larger and fluffier compared to Huskies. … Read more