Top 10 Dog Breeds That Like To Sleep Under The Covers

Every dog owner probably noticed that not all dogs are the same when it comes to bedtime habits. So you might wonder what are some dog breeds that like to sleep under the covers.

Dog breeds like the Dachshund and Husky are naturally predisposed to sleep under the covers. This is because they want to feel warm and secure. But a few more sleepy dog breeds possess the trait.

Why do some dogs love to sleep under the covers?

You may often see dogs showing this behavior due to their natural instinct to find a place where they feel safe. This is referred to as “denning behavior”. Dogs evolved to do this as they were afraid of predators and weather conditions.

Seeing dogs that sleep beneath covers may mean that they enjoy the comfort of the soft and cozy blanket. The same thing attracts dogs to soft pillows and fluffy stuffed animals. Blankets also provide heat and help the dog stay warm during winter climates.

Some dogs will do this due to their innate hunting habits. Long years of hunting in tunnels and caves engraved this behavior in their DNA. Another reason is that the dog enjoys being next to you and your scent, which is accumulated inside the covers.

What are the top dog breeds known for sleeping like this?

Even though a lot of breeds tend to show this behavior, there are a few breeds that are almost certain to do it.


Despite the fact that people associate Chihuahuas with fierce behavior and short temper, these are some of the best dog breeds for under the covers sleeping. They are loyal and loving dogs, that love to be close to their owners. They will love sleeping in your arms and being petted while they rest.

This behavior may also be common in the breed because of their small stature. Being so small makes them prey in the wild, so they have to know how to hide to protect themselves.


This interesting breed is known for its elongated body and short legs. People often joke about it calling it a “sausage dog”. But its history is long and the dog looks like that because it was used to hunt badgers. This behavior stayed in the breed even in modern times. So that’s why it loves to burrow itself below the blankets whenever it gets the chance.

Don’t be surprised when the pup goes running around the blankets trying to find something. It is completely normal and keeps the dog entertained.

Airedale Terrier

This is another one of the dogs that love to snuggle under blankets that deserves its spot. It was long bred as a dog for hunting ducks and rats. Because rats like to hide underground, this dog learned to dig and dwell in their tunnels in order to catch them. 

That behavior transferred to the modern world as an instinct of the dog to hide under the blankets. This digging behavior can also be troubling if you have a yard you want to keep whole.

Siberian Husky

These dogs originate in the cold region of Siberia. There, Huskies needed to survive in harsh colds and developed ways to do so. Even though the Siberian Husky likes the cold, it still won’t tolerate anything below 10°F (-12°C).

So don’t be surprised whenever your Husky comes inside your warm and cozy blankets to warm itself up. This will especially be noticeable during winter. An interesting thing you may notice is that your Husky will also love to dig itself into the snow outside.

Alaskan Malamute

This is another one of the dog breeds that sleep under covers, and it’s here for similar reasons as the Husky. This dog has almost the same history being first created in Siberia. With time, the breed was transferred to Alaska, thus getting its name. According to the Alaskan Malamute Club of Belgium:

His ancestors came from Siberia to America via the Bering Strait, as a faithful companion of the indigenous tribe known as Mahlemuts. They used their dogs to hunt the seals, to scare polar bears and to pull heavy loads.

So it should not surprise you that this dog also loves hiding in the covers as a way to seek shelter and warmth.


This is another hunting breed that has its DNA wired to enter small burrows and dig holes. The Beagle is a hound dog bred to follow scents and hidden animals like rabbits and foxes. Therefore, you may expect your Beagle to get right up in the bed and act like it’s looking for its prey.

One downside is that Beagles tend to smell due to belonging to the hound family of breeds. This might make it uncomfortable for you if you are not used to that hound smell.

Beagle sleeping


This is another one of the dogs that love to sleep under blankets due to its hunting history. This German dog was used to hunt rats and other small animals. This in time created a love for digging in tight spaces and hiding. One way to mimic that loved behavior is to hide inside the bed.

There are a few different sizes of this breed. Miniature Schnauzers are also known to get inside small drawers and hide in your clothes.

Basset Hound

There are many similarities you will notice if you compare the Beagle with the Basset Hound. These short dogs also belong in the hound family, meaning they were trained to have an impeccable sense of smell. The name “Basset” means “low” in French, and is supposed to reflect their low stature.

Because they are ideal hunting dogs, they love to go after scents amongst your pillows and sheets. After this, they will burrow inside them and cuddle up next to you or ask for playtime.

Brussels Griffon

This dog is among the many small dog breeds that like to sleep under the covers. Its small size is logical as this dog was long used to hunt rats. This stayed as an instinct in modern times as these dogs love to go inside tight spaces.

These dogs are also very loving and will go under your covers to cuddle. Just make sure they’ve had their exercise throughout the day or they will start behaving badly to spend all that energy.

Australian Shepherd

These beautiful dogs have a history of moving from one country to another, but their main job was to herd cattle. They are highly active and filled with energy, which means they will need a lot of exercise during the day to stay happy.

If they don’t get their demands met, they are likely to develop some behaviors like getting under your blankets and chewing your furniture. This can easily be solved by spending some time on exercise and then cuddling in peace.

What are the emotional benefits of sharing a bed with dogs?

The reason why some dogs prefer to sleep under the covers is that it’s a way to create a deeper bond with their owners. For people, this also helps to reduce their stress levels. That’s why a lot of dogs are used as emotional support pets.

This behavior also serves to a person to feel a sense of companionship. They have someone by their side to make them feel loved and secure.

That said, a downside to this is that some dogs tend to get a little fussy during the night, which might intrude on your sleeping patterns. Having a dog like a Beagle that barks a lot may result in you waking up in the middle of the night because it decided to be vocal. Breeds that shed a lot may also be a problem for people prone to allergies. Cleaning the sheets of stray hairs every day will become boring with time. But with proper grooming and training, you can fix all these problems.

How to make your sleeping environment cozier?

If you want to have your dogs under the sheets, you need to provide the comfort and warm they are looking for. Make sure the bed has enough space for both of you and an additional blanket is given for the pup.

“You should probably change your bedsheets once a week.”, according to The New York Times. Wash the bedding with an appropriate temperature to make sure no bacteria and allergens stay. Keep the room dark and quiet. If it’s winter add heated blankets for your dog. This way you will both enjoy your sleep and enhance your bond as bedtime buddies.

If you don’t want to have your dog snoozing with you, then get them a nice dog bed. Some dogs can also sleep in crates if they are properly trained to do so.

Pug in the covers

So what are some dog breeds that like to sleep under the covers?

A lot of dogs love sleeping inside the blankets and for different reasons. Breeds like the Beagle and Basset Hound do this as a way to follow scent and hunt. Other hunting dogs like the Terriers love doing this because due to their natural burrowing behavior.

Some dog breeds like the Husky and Alaskan Malamute will do this in order to stay warm. And other dogs like the Chihuahua simply want to be beside their owners where they feel safest.

If you like dogs that do this and need company during the night, you can choose any of these breeds. Just make sure you provide a proper sleeping environment.


How to train your dog to sleep under the covers?

Proper training involves patience and persistence. Gradually introduce your dog to the habit of sleeping with you. Using treats and praise as positive reinforcement will help you a lot. Obedience training can also be a useful tool.

Can dogs breathe under blankets?

Yes, dogs can freely breathe under the blankets because it is usually only lightly covered. If they sense that there is no oxygen available, they will try to get your attention to help them get out.

Why does my dog sleep on my pillow?

Besides the dog breeds that like to sleep under the covers, some of them also like to sleep on pillows. Most of the time, this is because the pillows have your scent on them, which dogs enjoy smelling.

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