American Akita Vs Japanese Akita – How To Recognize Them?

Japanese Akita Inu smiling

There are two distinct breeds of Akita: The American Akita (or Akita), and the Japanese Akita (or Akita Inu). The difference between the American Akita vs Japanese Akita is obvious in their appearance.  The American Akita’s face resembles a bear, while the Japanese Akita’s face resembles a fox. They differentiate in their coat color patterns … Read more

The Rottweiler Growl: What Is It And How To Deal With It?

a rottweiler puppy looking angry

Rottweilers are big and very protective dogs. But they are also very affectionate. Even if there are many owners of Rottweilers, some people fear the Rottweiler growl. Rottweilers growl because they want to express happiness, excitement, fear, pain, or because they are asserting dominance. It is essential to distinguish the sound of the growl and … Read more