Characteristics Of The Fascinating Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix

The Jack Russell Terrier and the Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue Heeler, are amazing dogs. Mixing them into one mixed breed gives us a dog that some call a Cattlejack.

This Jack Russell Blue Heeler mix will inherit the high energy of both parent breeds making it perfect for an active family. But it has a few other interesting characteristics.

Key Takeaways

  • The mix between the Jack Russell and the Blue Heeler is also called the Cattlejack.
  • This dog has an athletic build perfect for a working dog.
  • It has a height of 14-18 inches tall and a weight of 20-35 pounds.
  • The coat of this mix can be either smooth or wiry.
  • This dog is not a hypoallergenic breed.
  • Its working dog history gives it a high energy level to spend.
  • Because of its protective nature, this brave dog sometimes gets in fights with other dogs.
  • It is a highly intelligent dog with isolated stubborn streaks.

The History Of The Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix

Because it is a mixed breed, this dog does not have a noted history. But its parent breeds have a long and interesting origin.

The Jack Russell Terrier originates from 19th century England. It was developed by Rev. John Russell from who it got its name. This breed was developed for hunting foxes, badgers, and other animals. It was officially accepted by the AKC in 2012.

The Australian Cattle Dog, or the Blue Heeler, originates from 19th century Australia. The British first brought a Smithfield Sheepdog with them to Australia. Then, they mixed it with the Dingo so it can be better at herding. The dog was officially accepted by the AKC in 1980.

Appearance – Athletic Dog With A Mixed Coat

This dog can inherit different genes from both parents. This will make the dog look more like a Jack Russell or a Blue Heeler. Or it might look like something in between.

Usually, the Australian Cattle Jack will have a sturdy and muscular body with a deep chest, giving it the appearance of an athletic dog. It can have the short legs of the Jack Russell or the long legs of the Blue Heeler. 

Its ears can be floppy like the Jack Russell, or erect ears like the Blue Heeler. Its eyes can be oval or almond-shaped.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog breed with a height of 10-12 inches and a weight of 9-15 pounds. Blue Heelers are middle-sized dogs that are 17-20 inches tall, and 35-50 pounds heavy.

Their mixed puppy will have a size that is between these two dogs. On average, these dogs are 14-18 inches tall and 20-35 pounds heavy. That makes them small-to-medium-sized dogs.

Coat, Colors, And Patterns

Jack Russells can have a wire coat or a smooth coat that is short in length. Australian Cattle Dogs have smooth and short double coats. So their mixed puppy can have a wire or smooth and short coat.

The coat of this dog can be a combination of both parent breeds. It can come in white, blue, or red. It can also be speckled or mottled due to the Blue Heeler coat. The coat can also have black, brown, cream, tan, red, or tri-color markings.

Temperament – Speedster With A Brave Heart

The Australian Cattle Dog Jack Russell mix has a working dog mindset. It comes from two dog breeds that were bred for working, so it inherited their traits. This gives the dog a very high energy level that it needs to spend during the day. Due to its high prey drive, expect to catch it chasing around the neighbor’s cat.

Being bold and brave, this dog will often pick fights with other dogs to prove its dominance. It can often get territorial, making it a bit hard to meet new dogs and people.

This dog is very intelligent, allowing higher trainability levels. But it does have some stubborn streaks that need persistence from the owner. Otherwise, this dog is quite affectionate and loyal to its owner and family.

Taking Care Of A Blue Heeler Jack

To allow for proper puppy care, you need to make sure it is healthy, properly fed, exercised, trained, and groomed. 

Lifespan And Health

Blue Heelers live up to 12-16 years, while Jack Russells reach an age of 12-14 years. Their mixed dogs can live for around 12-16 years. They will be relatively healthy throughout their lifetime, but there are some genetic diseases common in the mix.

  • Lens luxation – This is an eye disease where the lens of the eye gets misplaced. It usually happens because of weakness in the lens ligaments. The dog may feel pain and have problems seeing. This condition can also lead to glaucoma.
  • Cushing disease – This is a disease of the adrenal glands that causes a higher production of hormones. It can happen due to many reasons. Dogs that have this disease will be lethargic, with a damaged coat, and start eating and drinking more.
  • Deafness – Some dogs can be born deaf due to hereditary deafness, and others can become deaf due to other reasons. Dogs that are deaf will have problems reacting to sounds. They will also bark excessively and have an unusual voice.


The amount of food you give to the Jack Heeler will depend on the size of the dog. On average, these dogs will need around 2-3 cups of dog food a day. This should be split into more meals during the day.

Their diet should consist of a lot of protein and fewer carbohydrates. It should be rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids. Make sure you choose a reliable and popular dog food company. Their food should not contain too many artificial ingredients.

Besides the food, you can also give snacks to the dog from time to time. Supplements like fish oil should also be included in the diet.


The Heeler Jack Russell crossbreed is a medium-shedding dog and will require proper grooming to stay clean. You should brush it 1-2 times a week to keep the coat smooth and free of dead hair. To keep it clean, you can bathe the dog once a month. Make sure you use a shampoo made for dogs and avoid using human shampoos.

Besides brushing and bathing, the dog will also need to get its ears checked and cleaned from time to time. This is especially important if the dog has floppy ears that tend to get infected easily. Cut the dog’s nails 1-2 times a month and brush its teeth regularly to keep its mouth clean.

Exercise And Training

The Jack Russell Cattle Dog mix is an energetic hybrid breed so it will have big exercise needs during the day. You should plan to exercise the dog for around 1 hour during the whole day. This can be split into more sessions with different activities. Besides walking the dog, you can also take it for a run, hike, or play games with it. Mental stimulation is also important.

When it comes to training, it’s good that the dog is intelligent enough to learn a lot of commands. The problem is its stubborn streaks that will need persistence from the owner. Obedience training and positive reinforcement should always be used.

Getting A Blue Heeler Jack Russell Crossbreed

If you like how these mixed breed sounds, you can try getting it for yourself from a breeder or from a rescue shelter.

Where To Buy One

You can expect to spend around $500-$1200 to get this puppy from a breeder. The price will depend on the parents of the pup. If they are award-winning dogs, you can expect their puppy to have a higher price. 

Find a breeder that will provide all the information and necessary documents about the dog. They will also welcome you to see the parents of the pup before buying it. Because there are no specific breeders of this mix, you should search for breeders of the parent breeds.

Where To Adopt One

Another way to get an Australian Cattle Dog Jack Russell Terrier mix is to adopt it from a rescue shelter. Rescue shelters often have mixed dogs left there by people who only want purebreds. You might not always find the exact breed you want, but there will be similar dogs that will win your heart.

Because there are no specific rescue shelters for this mixed breed, you can try asking in the shelters for its parent breeds.

Final Thoughts On The Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix

Mixing a Jack Russell Terrier and an Australian Cattle Dog will result in a hybrid called a Cattlejack. This designer dog will have an athletic build and an appearance reminiscing both parent breeds.

Because both of its parent breeds are high-energy working dogs, it will also be very energetic. The dog will need a lot of exercise during the day so it won’t get destructive. This dog is also very intelligent and loyal to its owner. However, it can get quite independent and bossy at times. So training will take some persistence from the owner.

If you want to get this dog for yourself, you can buy it from a breeder or adopt a rescue dog from a rescue shelter.


Do Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mixes Shed?

Yes, this dog mix does shed moderately throughout the year and is not hypoallergenic. Some of these mixed puppies will have a more obvious shedding. Especially the ones inheriting the black color of the black Jack Russell.

Do Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mixes Bark a Lot?

The Jack Russell Blue Heeler mix is considered to be a moderate barker. This dog is very suspicious of people, so you can expect it to bark whenever it encounters strangers.

Are Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mixes Aggressive?

This crossbreed dog will not be aggressive to its family. In fact, it is very protective and loyal to its owners. However, it can get aggressive towards other dogs due to being territorial.

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