Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix – Meet The Golder Pom

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular choices amongst dog-owning families. The Pomeranian is one of the best options for a lap dog. So what happens if a Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix is produced?

This mixed breed inherits all of the positive traits from its parents, like its affectionate and friendly behavior. But there is a reason why this crossbreed is so rare.

Key Takeaways

  • The mix between a Pomeranian and a Golden Retriever is called a Pomtriever.
  • It is a relatively new designer dog with a short history.
  • Breeding can only be done by a male Pomeranian and a female Goldie.
  • This is a medium-sized dog closer to the size of a Golden Retriever.
  • The Pom Golden resembles the Goldie more in its appearance.
  • Its affectionate, friendly, and loyal attitude makes it the perfect family dog.
  • The double coat of this mix is constantly shedding during the whole year.
  • Due to the rarity of this mixed dog breed, its cost will be quite high.

The History Of The Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

There is no recorded history of when this mix came to be. But its parent breeds have a long history worth reading about.

The Pomeranian comes from a place called Pomerania, a territory shared by Germany and Poland. It descends from the Spitz breeds, which were arctic dogs bred for sled pulling. Queen Victoria is the person most responsible for popularising this breed. “Over the years she imported numerous Pomeranians from different parts of Europe. The dogs had different colored coats and her kennel in Windsor housed more than 30 Pomeranians.” according to pomeranian.org. Pomeranians were officially accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1888.

The Golden Retriever was created in the Scottish Highlands by the first Lord Tweedmouth in the 19th century. He wanted to create the perfect working gun dog and crossbred a Yellow Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel. “What Lord Tweedmouth wanted was a dog that was a hunter, but he wanted a dog that was unusually friendly and one that had a coat that could take the Scottish weather, which is very cold and rainy”, says historian Curt DiCamillo for The Washington Post. Irish Setter and Bloodhound were added later into the mix. The AKC officially accepted the breed in 1925.

Appearance – Fluffy Dog With A Unique Look

The Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix can look more like the first or the second parent breed, depending on the inherited genes. Usually, these designer dogs look more like the Golden Retriever parent.

This dog might inherit the small straight ears of the Pomeranian, or the big floppy ears of the Goldie. Its facial features will be different depending on the genes.


The Pomeranian is considered a toy breed with a size of 6-7 inches in height, and 3-7 pounds in weight.

The Golden Retriever is considered a medium to large breed with a size of 21.5-24 inches in height, and 55-75 pounds in weight.

The size of their mixed breed will be closer to the Golden Retriever. So expect a puppy as tall as around 20 inches and as heavy as 50-60 pounds.

Coat And Color

Golden Retrievers have medium-length double coats, while Pomeranians have long double coats. So you can expect their mixed puppy to have a fluffy double coat as well

The fluffy coat can be colored in many different colors inherited from the Pomeranian. These can include golden, black, blue, chocolate, cream, orange, red, white, and more. A lot of different markings are also possible.

Temperament – A Lovable And Friendly Family Dog

The Pomeranian Golden dog is very affectionate, loyal, and lovable, making for the perfect family pet. It can also be very friendly with other people and dogs and wants to always have company. Because of that, these dogs are also prone to separation anxiety. Its high energy levels will need to be spent by playing and exercising, or it will get destructive.

Both parent breeds make for great watchdogs, so their mixed breed will also have this trait. It might also be prone to excessive barking due to its Pomeranian parent which tends to bark a lot. This hybrid breed is also intelligent but can get quite stubborn and will need a firm hand.

Taking Care Of A Golden Pomeranian

Caring for this mixed breed dog will require a few key things. Providing regular health checks, proper diet, regular grooming, exercise, and training are all important.

Lifespan And Health

The life expectancy of this mixed breed will range around 10-16 years. It is a generally healthy working dog, but it may inherit some diseases from its parents.

  • Hip dysplasia – This musculoskeletal disease is more common in Golden Retrievers. It happens due to a misalignment in the ball and socket joint of the hips. You may notice the dog limping due to pain in the joints. 
  • Patella luxation – This is a condition more common in Pomeranians. It happens because the kneecap gets moved from its place and causes problems. The dog may start limping and running on three legs for a while and then go back to normal. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine says that: 
As patellar luxation progresses, the patella dislocates more easily and frequently — persistently rubbing on the knee joint cartilage and leading to arthritis. The strain from the patella dislocating can also predispose dogs to other orthopedic knee conditions, such as cranial cruciate ligament rupture. 
  • Heart disease – Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis is a heart disease common in Goldens. It may not cause any symptoms but it will lead to heart failure. Congestive Heart Failure is another heart problem common in Pomeranians. Dr. Ryan Llera explains the symptoms as such:
In dogs with severe disease, you may observe signs related to heart dysfunction. These signs include lethargy, exercise intolerance, shortness of breath, and fainting (syncope). These signs are typically related to the heart’s inability to circulate blood effectively. Signs of heart failure may also be seen in severe cases of aortic stenosis. 


The Pomeranian Golden mix will need around 2 cups of dog food daily. This food should be rationed into two or more meals during the day. The amount of food the pup needs will vary slightly due to its age, size, and activity levels.

You should feed it dog food that is low in grains and artificial ingredients. Instead, it should contain a lot of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids. Make sure that the food is from a trusted brand.

Supplements will also help provide a lot of benefits. Fish oil supplements help maintain healthy skin and coat. Chondroitin and glucosamine supplements help the musculoskeletal system.


Because the Golden Retriever Pom mix has a double coat, it will shed all throughout the year. This shedding only increases during fall and spring. To reduce shedding, you need to brush the dog at least once every week. During shedding season, you can increase the number of these brushing sessions.

Golden Retrievers need a bath every 6-8 weeks, while Pomeranians need it every 3 weeks. Their crossbreed will need a bath once every month to keep clean. Make sure you use a shampoo meant for dogs so you don’t damage its coat and skin. The Pom Golden will also need its ears checked and cleaned regularly. It will also need its nails trimmed and teeth brushed.

Exercise And Training

The Pomtriever is a high-energy dog, inheriting its energy from both parent breeds. It will need around 1 hour of daily exercise. This can be split into two sessions in the morning and evening. You can take the Pom Golden for a walk or do some more strenuous activities. Running, hiking, and playing games will be fun and very effective. Don’t forget mental stimulation as well.

Training the Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix will not be hard as it is very intelligent and it can learn a lot of commands. It does have some stubborn streaks which means the owner will need to be persistent. The training sessions should be short and fun so you can keep the dog’s attention. Early obedience training and positive reinforcement will help a lot.

Getting A Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

If you like how this dog breed sounds and want one for yourself, you can try contacting a breeder or a rescue shelter.

Where To Buy One

These dogs are quite rare, so it won’t be easy finding a breeder that regularly breeds them. Their price will average around $500-$2000. If the parent dogs have competed and won in dog competitions, then their puppy will also cost more.

Make sure you find a reliable breeder that will give you all the information and documents you need about the dog. You can also ask to visit the parents and see if there are any genetic diseases present. Your biggest chance would be contacting breeders that specialize in breeding Golden Retrievers or Pomeranians.

Where To Adopt One

Adopting a Pomeranian Golden will cost you much less compared to buying one from a breeder. Usually, they are also already vaccinated, so you won’t have to spend any money on that.

Rescue shelters often have dog mixes left there by people who only want purebred dogs. These dogs might be older than you expect but they still need homes. Because there are no specific shelters for this mixed breed, you should contact shelters specializing in the parent breeds.

Are There Any Other Breeds Similar To The Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix?

There are many other fluffy dogs out there that might get your attention. Mixing the Pomeranian dog with a Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or a Cocker Spaniel, will result in a very fluffy small dog.

If you want the positive behavior and active lifestyle of Golden Retrievers, you can try mixing it with other sought out dogs. Mixing Golden Retrievers with a Labrador Retriever will give you an amazing dog called a Goldador. Other energetic breeds to mix in with Golden Retrievers are the German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler, and American Bulldog.

Mixing any purebred dog with the Standard Poodle will give you an energetic and fluffy Poodle mix.

Pomeranian golden retriever mix

Final Thoughts About The Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

The Golden Pom is an interesting mix of two lovely dogs. It is made by breeding a Golden Retriever and a Pomeranian. The Pomeranian and Golden Retriever mix puppy that is made from these two breeds inherits the loving and friendly personality of its parent breeds. It makes for the perfect family pet.

This dog is generally medium-sized with the physical traits coming from both parents. Usually, it will look more like a Golden Retriever with some Pomeranian traits. It is a vigilant and loud dog, making it great to work as a watchdog.

Its fluffy double coat tends to shed throughout the year, so proper grooming is required. This intelligent dog is stubborn so training it will take persistence. The price of this pup will be higher due to its rarity.


Is the Pomtriever hypoallergenic?

No, these dogs are not hypoallergenic. They have a double coat that tends to shed all throughout the year. This shedding only increases during the fall and spring, due to a process called “coat blowing”.

Are Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mixes protective?

These will generally be protective dogs due to their inherited traits. Both parent breeds are alert and have a great sense of danger. Pomeranians also tend to be more protective and confrontational if needed.

What is the best climate for a Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix?

A moderate climate with mild temperatures is ideal for this dog. Every dog is individual in this sense and a lot depends on its coat type, size, and activity level. However, the Golden Retriever cross with Pomeranian can not withstand extreme temperatures and requires protection.

Can a Golden Retriever mate with a Pomeranian?

Yes, these breeds can technically breed naturally. To achieve this, you have to mix a larger male Pomeranian with a smaller female Golden Retriever. In some situations, artificial insemination may be used.

Is the Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix good with kids?

Yes, thie Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix is very affectionate, fun-loving, and friendly, and loves playing with children. It has the high energy needed to match children, and it is not too big, nor too small, so no one will get hurt playing.

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