How To Recognize The Beautiful Lab vs Golden Retriever

Lab vs golden retriever

Labradors and Goldies are some of the most popular dogs in the world. And it is for a good reason. Both dogs are highly affectionate, intelligent, and friendly. Due to their similarities, some people struggle to differentiate the Lab vs Golden Retriever.  Looking at their appearance, Labradors have shorter, less fluffy coats compared to Goldies. … Read more

When Do Labs Stop Chewing? – 7 Reasons And How To Stop It

Black labrador chewing a ball

Labradors are great dogs. They keep you company, they motivate you to exercise, and they cuddle you. But sometimes you might come home to a mess of chewed-up furniture and you wonder “when do Labs stop chewing?”. Labradors will stop chewing because of teething after their second year of age. But there are other reasons … Read more