Revealing the Fantastic Heeler Dachshund Mix [+Tips]

Having a unique-looking dog is something that some dog owners strive for. To do this, they mix two purebreds to create a breed that inherits traits from both.

The Heeler Dachshund mix, also known as a Doxie Heeler, combines the energy of an Australian Cattle Dog with the elongated body of a Dachshund. This blend results in a unique and lively companion, but traits can vary.

Where does this hybrid mix come from?

The origins of this exact mix are not completely known as it is new. However, its parent breeds have a long and interesting history.

The Blue Heeler originates from Australia. Its origins begin in the 19th century when the British decided to mix a Smithfield Sheepdog with the native Australian Dingo. This dog was used for its excellent herding abilities. The AKC accepted it in 1980.

The Dachshund has a long history recorded as back as 16th century Germany. In fact, its name comes from the German language meaning “badger dog”. It got this name because the dog was specifically made to hunt badgers. This breed was officially accepted by the AKC in 1885.

What are the physical characteristics of the Dachshund Heeler hybrid?

The appearance of this mixed breed will be a result of the parent dog breed combination. You can expect two siblings to look different from each other.

It will have a slightly elongated body, and either normal or short legs. It will be muscular and sturdy, which maintains its athletic capabilities. The average weight for this dog is 13–35 pounds, while the average height is 9–17 inches. It can have erect, or flopped ears, or have one of each, which is an interesting trait.

The coat of this dog is short and smooth with colors that are a combination of both breeds. Usually, it will inherit the blue or red speckled color from the Australian Cattle Dog. Other common colors include cream, black, chocolate, and fawn.

What temperament and behavior can you expect?

The personality traits of the Heeler Dachshund mix combine the ones of both parents. The fact that both of them are working breeds means their pup will also be energetic and playful. These dogs love to play games with children, but they still need to be supervised. Their highly affectionate and loyal nature makes them excellent family dogs.

Intelligence-wise, this designer dog is considered to be quite intelligent, but it can get stubborn at times. Being alert and wary, these dogs can also work perfectly as watchdogs. Dachshunds tend to be very vocal, compared to Blue Heelers, so their puppy might either be loud or quiet.

How can you train and socialize a Doxie Heeler?

Training tips for the Heeler Dachshund cross includes using short and interesting training sessions to keep the dog’s attention. Even though it is smart and can learn a lot of commands, the dog might not want to listen to you. That is why you have to start teaching obedience training techniques from a young age. 

Make sure you use positive reinforcement as a technique whenever you train your dog. Giving treats and praises for good behavior will help your dog learn faster. Socializing the dog should also start early to make it easier for the pup to make friends. “The socialisation ‘window’ is between three and 12 weeks. As you won’t be able to get your puppy until they are at least eight weeks old, a good breeder will have already started this important process.”, according to the Blue Cross. If you can’t do this yourself, you can always hire a professional dog trainer for help.

What are the dietary needs for this mixed dog?

Caring for a Dachshund Heeler mix means feeding high-quality food suitable to its needs. Dogs should have a diet filled with protein, vitamins, and minerals. The dog food should be low in grain and artificial ingredients. Ensure that you are buying your food from a reliable dog food company and watch out for the specific dietary requirements of your dog. 

Usually, around 1-2 cups of dog food daily will be needed depending on the size and activity of your dog. You can also add some supplements to its diet. Fish oil and glucosamine supplements are often reccomended for most dog breeds.

What exercise requirements should you be aware of?

Being so energetic, and bred as a working dog, this mixed breed requires a lot of exercise throughout the day. On average, these dogs need around 60-90 minutes of physical activity every day. This should be split into more session throughout the day. You can take the dog for a walk, run, or a hike to keep it active. You can also play different games and encourage mental stimulation.

If this dog doesn’t get its exercise needs considered, it will become bored and destructive. Expect to see a wrecked home if you leave it for too long without letting it spend its energy.

How do you properly groom and maintain the coat?

The grooming tips for the Dachshund Heeler mix take into consideration the type of coat these dogs have. Seeing the fact that both pure breeds are relatively low-shedding dogs, you can expect the same to be the case with their pup. Brushing this mix twice a week should be enough to keep it clean. During shedding season, you can increase this as needed.

You should not bathe this dog more than once a month. Overbathing can cause damage to its skin and fur. Also, make sure you use a shampoo made for dogs, as human shampoos irritate its coat. Clip the dog’s nails, and brush its teeth regularly. You should also check and clean its ears from time to time.

What health problems should you be aware of?

Blue Heelers live for 12-16 years, and so do Dachshunds. So you can expect the same for the Dachshund Heeler lifespan. These are generally healthy dogs as they benefit from hybrid vigor. Dr. Frank W. Nicholas et al. describe it as such:

Hybrid vigour is synonymous with heterosis and with crossbred vigour. It is the extent to which the average performance of first-cross (F1) individuals for a specified trait is superior to the average performance of their parental strains/breeds for that same trait (Nicholas, 2010).

That said, there are some common health issues in these dogs. For one, they are very associated with developing musculoskeletal diseases. Hip and elbow dysplasia is common in these active dogs and can cause significant problems with their movement. Intervertebral disc disease is common if the dog acquired the length of the Dachshunds. Becoming overweight puts the dog at risk of this disease. Other common occurrences are eye-related problems and bloat.

How do you choose the right Dachshund Blue Heeler crossbreed?

If you like how this mixed breed sounds, and want to get one for yourself, you can either buy it from a breeder or adopt it from a shelter.

Where can you buy this dog?

Finding a breeder of this particular mixed breed is not easy. The price of this designer dog can vary from around $600-$800, or even more. If the parent dogs are award-winning, you should expect the price to be higher.

You need to make sure the breeder is reliable and gives you all the needed information about the dog. They should be able to let you visit the parents of the puppy you are buying. Avoid puppy mills at all costs. Because there are no specific breeders of the hybrid dog, you should find breeders of the purebred dogs.

How to find this mixed dog in a rescue shelter?

A much better option to get a new pup for yourself is to adopt it from an animal rescue shelter. Rescued dogs need a home and will be very happy if you can provide one for them. It will also cost you much cheaper to do so.

Sometimes, you won’t find the Dachshund Australian Cattle Dog mix as a puppy, but as a somewhat older dog. Other times, the exact mix might not be available, but there will be others that wait for a warm home. Because there are no rescue shelters specializing in this designer dog, you can search for rescues of the purebred parents.

So what did you learn about the Heeler Dachshund mix?

Combining the Australian Cattle Dog with the Dachshund results in an interesting new mixed breed. The Dixie Heeler is a captivating blend of intelligence, charm, and loyalty. It is a dog full of energy and need to work, and requires a high amount of exercise.

The outward appearance of this dog will resemble both originating breeds. Usually, it comes off as a middle-sized dog with a slightly longer body, and a speckled coat. Proper grooming and care is needed to keep this pup healthy and good-looking. Getting one for yourself is possible through a breeder or a rescue shelter.


What activities can I do to keep my Dixie Heeler mentally stimulated?

To help your dog use its intelligence and energy, you can set up some obstacle courses in your yard. If that is not an option, you can also get some interactive puzzle toys or games that will stimulate its brain.

How do I introduce a Heeler Dachshund mix to other pets?

The introduction should be gradual and happen first on a neutral territory. Make sure you have the dog on a leash and use treats to guide it. More interactions should be done and with time the pets will bond.

What are the best Dachshund mixes?

Besides mixing it with a Blue Heeler, you can also mix this excellent dog breed with a Beagle to make the Doxle. If you want tiny but long dogs, you can mix it with the Corgi to get the fun Dorgi.

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