6 Important Signs That A Male Dog Wants To Mate

Dogs have a need to reproduce just like any other animal. Female dogs go into heat twice per year during which they can reproduce. However, male dogs are always able to produce more puppies.

The signs that a male dog wants to mate will include a change in the dog’s behavior. These dogs will become more aggressive and restless trying to find a mate. They will resort to mounting and urinating all over the home. But there are a few more signs the male dog will show.

What Are The Signs That A Male Dog Wants To Mate?

There are a few signs that your dog will show when it wants to make. These signs can appear at any time during the year.

Restlessness And Roaming

Usually, the first sign owners will notice is the restlessness of the male dog. The dog will start acting less like its usual self and want to go out and roam around. This roaming is also connected to the need the male dog has to find a female dog to mate with.

Female dogs leave traces of scent that attract intact male dogs. Male dogs can sense this scent for as far as 3 miles.

The problem with this roaming is that the dog has a chance to get lost and leave its owner worried. Because the dog will be so focused on finding a mate, it may forget where exactly it is going. This behavior is more common in breeds like the Husky, Labrador, and German Shepherd.

Frequent Urination

Another common male dog mating behavior is the constant need to urinate everywhere. You will often find odorless wet spots left by the dog all around your house. These are urine marks left there to show that the territory belongs to that dog. Dogs will usually pick the same spots to urinate on.

Dogs will urinate more when around a fertile female. They won’t always urinate on the ground. They will also urinate on objects, and furniture, and might even urinate on their owners.

Sometimes the reason for this increased urination may not be because of finding a mate. Dogs will urinate a lot if they have a urinary infection. A vet will be able to tell you the reason for your dog’s increased urination.

Mounting And Masturbation

The most noticeable male dog sexual behavior is the constant mounting. Mounting is when the dog rises on its hind legs and humps at something. This can be another animal, toy, or its owner’s leg. So if your dog is jumping on you, it might be a sign of its need to mate.

This behavior occurs due to the high testosterone levels of the dog. In some cases, a female dog will mount a male dog when it is in heat. It may also occur as a type of masturbation in dogs.

If your dog is mounting and thrusting other dogs at the dog park, you might end up in an awkward situation. If both dogs are not neutered/spayed, fertilization will happen and you will end up with unwanted pups.

Aggressive Behavior

One dangerous part of dog mating behavior is their tendency to become aggressive. The hormone testosterone is raised causing dogs to act so aggressively. This hormone will also cause the dog to become moody and frustrated.

Some dogs will attack other dogs, especially other male dogs when they feel like they need to mate. This can be dangerous if you are dealing with dogs with strong bites. For example, the Belgian Malinois bite force is around 195 PSI. This can do devastating damage to the body of other dogs.

Some dogs will turn their aggressive behavior to your furniture and belongings. Some dogs will start barking and howling excessively.

It is important to get your dog out of situations where it may make an aggressive decision. Don’t let it go around children to prevent harming them. Also, don’t get in big crowds of dogs, and let your dog have some space so it can cool down.

Increased Interest In Other Dogs

The fact that your male dog will want to be around other female dogs is one of the male dog breeding signs. If your dog is normally relaxed and reclusive, this increased interest will be especially noticeable. 

The male dog will start getting fascinated by other female dogs. It will follow them around, trying to get their attention, and hopefully, mate. It will try sniffing the genitalia of the female, trying to sense the pheromones that the female secretes

The male dog will start getting very playful with other dogs but also with you. The good thing here is that the dog will be less likely to act aggressively but turn to curiosity and playfulness.

Other Unusual Behaviors

Another noticeable male dog breeding behavior is territorial aggression. Dogs that are ready to mate mark their territory and become protective of it. They will also fiercely protect their food and toys during this period.

Dogs that feel like they are ready to mate will lose their interest in other things besides procreation. You will feel like the dog isn’t listening to you anymore as it will avoid respecting your commands. This is especially noticeable in stubborn dogs like Bulldogs and Huskies.

Male dogs that want to mate will forget to eat because they are so busy finding a mate. You will notice it skips entire meals or only eats a little during feeding time.

At What Age Do Male Dogs Stop Mating?

Male dogs can start breeding from around 6 months of age. Once they reach the 6 month period, they can breed until they become senior dogs. On average, this is around the age of 10. Smaller dogs may need to stop sooner. But it is different for every dog.

The male dog reproductive behavior can start as soon as the dog reaches maturity at the 6-month age. Some dogs, like the French Bulldog, can not get pregnant naturally. So they will need additional care and attention during this period.

Larger breeds mature later but also stay fertile for longer compared to smaller breeds. The older and bigger the dog gets, the more testosterone it has and it displays more signs of mating. 

Once it gets older, the testosterone falls and the signs start getting weaker. Senior dogs may still act out some mating signs, but not as much as young dogs.

How Do You Calm A Male Dog That Wants To Mate?

If you notice the mating signs that your male dog is showing, you should remove it from the presence of female dogs in heat. To calm it down a bit, get the dog outside and go for a run. It will get to spend its pent-up energy. There are a few other things you can do.

Take The Dog For A Walk

If you notice your male dog showing dog breeding signs, take it out for a walk to cool off. The dog can get frustrated because of a build-up in energy, and it needs to spend it. Engage in more strenuous activities like running, hiking, and playing fetch. Just don’t it anywhere near other female dogs.

Dog Toys And Mental Stimulation

To get your dog’s attention away from mating, you can buy it a fun toy to play with. There are a lot of puzzle toys made for mental stimulation that will tire the dog out and stimulate it at the same time. You can also train the dog and teach it some important commands so you can tell it to stop if it gets too excited.

Separate It From Female Dogs

Do not let a male dog near any female dog if it is showing any dog breeding instincts. Especially female dogs that are in heat. The smell from the female dog will make the male dog go crazy and want to mate. Because of that, separate the male dog from the female. You can put it in a kennel or a crate where it can be isolated.

Keep The House Clean From Urine

Female dogs in heat produce pheromones which they excrete through their urine. They will usually mark their territory and attract males to come breed. If the male dog smells that urine, it will show signs of mating. To prevent your male dog from smelling those pheromones, you need to clean up the house from urine.


A neutered male dog will show fewer male dog fertility signs because it won’t be interested in mating. But it will still get curious about other dogs and display mounting behavior from time to time. Neutering is a procedure in which the reproductive organs of the dog are taken out. This decreases testosterone which is responsible for most of the mating signs.

Neutering does bring some side effects. You may notice a dog has black balls after neutering, which can be a normal occurrence. More serious side effects can also occur.

Dogs being affectionate

So Is Your Dog Showing Any Signs Of Mating?

The need to reproduce is instinctive in every dog. It is a normal thing present in all living beings. But some dog owners don’t want to deal with a male dog when it is showing its mating signs. And that is totally understandable.

A male dog that wants to mate will start showing a myriad of unusual behaviors. It will become frustrated and restless, wanting to go out often and look for female dogs. It will start getting aggressive and territorial often picking fights with other dogs. It will mount everything it can get its hands on and urinate everywhere.

If you want to prevent your dog from showing these signs of male dog sexual interest, you can try separating it from female dogs. But sometimes, only neutering your dog will solve all your problems.


Why do dogs get stuck when they mate?

Getting stuck is a normal part of the mating period between dogs. The “bulbus glandis” of the male dog swells and prevents the penis from getting out. This helps the sperm stay in longer to allow fertilization.

What does dog flirting look like?

The female turns its back and moves its tail aside to attract the male to come closer and sniff the privates of the female. The signs that a male dog wants to mate are also part of the flirting.

Can a dog get pregnant when not in heat?

If a female dog that is not in heat gets mounted, it won’t result in canine pregnancy. It can only happen once the estrus phase happens. Many owners don’t recognize the early signs of heat and their dogs breed accidentally.

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