Are Huskies Aggressive? – And How To Prevent Aggression

A Husky looking angry

The Siberian Husky is a popular dog throughout the world. It has a wolf-like appearance that may seem intimidating to some people. But are Huskies aggressive? Huskies are not inherently aggressive dogs. They are very friendly and loving dogs that fit any family. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t get aggressive if you or … Read more

When Do Labs Stop Chewing? – 7 Reasons And How To Stop It

Black labrador chewing a ball

Labradors are great dogs. They keep you company, they motivate you to exercise, and they cuddle you. But sometimes you might come home to a mess of chewed-up furniture and you wonder “when do Labs stop chewing?”. Labradors will stop chewing because of teething after their second year of age. But there are other reasons … Read more

Best Artificial Grass for Dog Potty 2021

best artificial grass for dog potty

Artificial grass pads or grass turfs have been becoming increasingly popular among dog parents. This isn’t surprising considering that many new-age dog parents live in urban apartments that don’t have spacious lawns and gardens. Whether you have brought home a new puppy or are moving to a new apartment with your pooch, finding the best … Read more