7 Samoyed Mix Dogs That You Will Love [+ Care Tips]

In recent years, people have been mixing dogs in order to get a breed that is perfect for them. Such are the many Samoyed mixes out on the market.

A Samoyed mix is a dog breed that combines the Samoyed’s friendly nature with another breed’s unique traits. These mixes vary widely in appearance and temperament. There are some great options of dogs you can mix a Samoyed with.

What are the common traits inherited from Samoyeds in various mixed breeds?

Samoyeds are dogs that come from the cold outskirts of Siberia, hence why they are known for their big furry white coats. Their job involved sled-pulling, hunting, and herding, so they are very energetic and playful. These dogs like to be friendly and sociable, but they can also be good guard dogs because they are vigilant. Samoyeds are also notoriously loud and can be a problem for the neighborhood. The Samoyed Club of America says that:

Most of the Samoyed strains in England and the United States are descended from the veteran expedition sledge dogs. The first American Samoyed, a Russian import, was registered with the AKC in 1906, although most of the present day American Samoyeds trace their ancestry to dogs imported after the first World War.

You can mix this dog with many different breeds. However, some breeds are much more compatible with the personality of the Samoyed.

Golden Sammy (Samoyed x Golden Retriever Mix)

This dog takes the appearance of a Goldie combined with thick white or golden fur. It’s a medium to large-sized dog with around 21-24 inches in height and 50-75 pounds in weight. The pup is known to be extremely friendly and energetic, wanting to play all the time. It is a perfect dog for the family as it loves kids and is not destructive to the home.

Even though they have fluffy coats, these dogs don’t shed as much. Golden Retrievers should not be bathed often, and the same goes for their mixed offspring. They are healthy dogs and will live anywhere from 10-12 years.

Samusky (Samoyed x Siberian Husky Mix)

If you compare the Samoyed and the Husky, you will notice two very similar dogs. This is because both come from the same place – Siberia.

This Samoyed crossbreed is as intelligent and loyal as both parent breeds. It is a beautiful white fluffy dog with blue-green colored eyes and upright ears. The size of 24 inches in height and 60 pounds in weight makes it a medium-sized dog.

The Samusky is very friendly and playful and requires a lot of space and exercise. It doesn’t shed too much, but it still requires regular brushing to prevent clumps from forming in the fur.

Sammypoo (Samoyed x Poodle Mix)

Mixing a Sammy with a Poodle gives you a dog with fluffy and curly fur that doesn’t shed a lot. Of course, regular brushing and grooming are important to prevent knots in the fur. Its color can vary, and come in brown, gray, black, or apricot. The size of this hybrid is medium, with 20 inches in height and 50 pounds in weight.

These mixed dogs are highly intelligent and very loyal. Poodles tend to pick a favorite person, so their mixed dog might show the same behavior. Being energetic dogs, they require around 90 minutes of exercise every day. Otherwise, they might become destructive.

Samollie (Samoyed x Collie Mix)

Another great Samoyed hybrid is this mix between the Border Collie and Sammy. These dogs will be incredibly intelligent due to the Collie being the smartest dog in the world. “Border collies are number one; poodles are second, followed by German shepherds. Fourth on the list is golden retrievers; fifth, dobermans; sixth, Shetland sheepdogs; and finally, Labrador retrievers”, according to the American Psychological Association.

They are also loyal and friendly dogs that love playing. Socialization is a key part of raising these dogs, as they can be very social, but also wary of people they don’t know. The size of these dogs is medium, with them being 18-24 inches tall and 30-50 pounds heavy. Their thick fur can come in white, cream, or light brown and requires regular grooming. The average lifespan of these dogs is around 10-12 years.

German Shepherd Samoyeds (German Shepherd x Samoyed Mix)

This rare mix of two interesting breeds makes for a beautiful and furry dog. This hybrid can resemble both parents, and its colors can range, from white and cream to black and tan. Some people describe the mix as closely resembling a wolf. Because their coat is dense, these dogs will require regular brushing and care.

The temperament traits of this dog are loyal and hardworking, as both parents have these traits. It is also intelligent and energetic, meaning it can be trained to do a lot of things. They can work great as guard dogs.

Samoyed Corgi Mix (Corgi x Samoyed Mix)

This mixed Samoyed is somewhat larger than a regular Corgi and less fluffier than the Sammy. Corgis usually have short legs, but their mixed pup will not inherit this trait. This mix wil also have a fluffy tail and upright ears on its head. The average height for this dog is 20 inches, while the average weight is 40 pounds. 

You can expect a white coat, while brown and tan can be distributed throughout the body in patches. Even though the coat is not as fluffy, it will still require a lot of brushing to keep it clean. Otherwise, it is an intelligent and energetic dog that can get along well with all members of the family.

Samoyed Malamute Mix (Alaskan Malamute x Samoyed Mix)

The mix between two Arctic dogs creates a beautiful dog with a large fluffy fur and a strong muscular body. This hybrid dog will be large-sized with a height of 20 and 25 inches and a weight of 50 and 75 pounds. The coat color varies from white, cream, gray, and black.

The personality characteristics of this Samoyed mix describe a friendly and energetic dog that can run around for hours. Being highly intelligent and alert, these dogs can make for perfect watchdogs in the home. Occasionally, they can get stubborn, but proper training can fix this.

Choosing the right mix for you

When choosing a dog for your family, consider factors like activity level and energy of the dog. If you are okay with a more active lifestyle, choose a mix with a more energetic dog. If you have a smaller home, tend to choose mixes that are of a smaller size.

If you want a dog that is hypoallergenic, go for designer dogs that have the Poodle mixed in with them. And if you want a dog that will listen to you and train easily, avoid dogs that are described as being stubborn.

How to care for your mixed breed dog?

Caring for the Samoyed mix fur is not a simple task. Even though some of these mixes don’t shed a lot, they still need regular brushing to prevent matting. Regular bathing is also important and should be done once a month. Nail clipping, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning are also essential.

All dogs also need a proper diet full of protein and nutrients. These dogs are also highly energetic so they require a lot of exercise and attention to stay calm. The ease of training can differ depending on the chosen breed to mix with. Taking the dog for veterinary care is also important from time to time.

How to get this hybrid dog for yourself?

If you like how some of Samoyed mix breeds sound, and want one for your home, there are ways you can get one. 

Buying from a breeder

You have to find a reliable breeder before you decide to buy a dog. They need to provide you with all of the information needed about their dog. You can ask to see medical records and even visit the family and see the parents who made the pup. The price can vary depending on the type of dogs used to provide the hybrid. Because there are no specific breeders of Sammy mixes, you should search for breeders of the purebred parent.

Some Samoyed breeders include Polar Mist Samoyeds and Snow Angel Samoyeds.

Adopting from a rescue shelter

If you want a cheaper option of getting a dog, you can try adopting Samoyed mix dogs. Rescue shelters have all kinds of dogs that need a home. Pet adoption means giving a home to someone who needs it. Not always will you find the right dog you are looking for, but be sure that it will love you for a lifetime. There are no specific rescue shelters specializing in these mixes, but you can try finding some Samoyed shelters.

Some rescue shelters for Samoyeds include National Samoyed Rescue and Denver Samoyed Rescue.

Did you find a Samoyed mix you like?

The Sammy is a great dog that many dog lovers find attractive. Its fluffy, playful, and intelligent and can fit into any family. That’s why many have tried mixing it with other popular dog breeds.

Samypoos, Samollies, and Samuskies are only a few great mixes you can get when breeding this dog with other breeds. All have their distinct personalities and traits and you can choose the one you feel fits you most.

In order to get a mix for your home, you can contact a breeder or a rescue shelter. Whatever the case may be, you need to be sure that you can provide all the care your new pup needs.


Are mixed Samoyeds suitable for families with allergies?

This depends on the type of dog your mix your Sammie with. Some Samoyed mixes, like the Sammypoo, are hypoallergenic and can be a great choice for families with allergies.

Can Samoyed mix puppies have health issues?

Hybrid dogs benefit from a thing called “hybrid vigor” where they are expected to inherit less diseases from their parents. However, health issues like hip dysplasia and eye problems can occur in some mixed pups.

Can these mixes live in apartments?

Yes, most of these hybrid dogs are fine with living in apartments. Depending on the type of dog used for the mix, its size will be small enough to fit in a smaller place. These dogs can get quite loud though, which might disturb the neighbours.

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