Lab Jack Russell Mix: Useful Information On A Spectacular Dog

Labrador Retrievers are among the friendliest and most loving dogs in the world. Jack Russell Terriers are one of the most energetic and brave dogs. But what would a Lab Jack Russell Mix be like?

The Jackador is a medium-sized dog with an athletic and sturdy body. Its energetic and playful temperament is inherited from both parent breeds. This hybrid dog can be perfect for any family, but you need to know a few more things before buying it for yours.

The History Of The Lab Jack Russell Mix

Because this is a relatively new cross breed it doesn’t have much-recorded history. But its parent breeds have a lot of interesting history to share.

The Labrador Retriever is a dog that originates from Newfoundland, Canada. In the 19th century, these dogs became very popular to use by fishermen and hunters. These dogs were accepted by the AKC in 1917, and currently hold the spot for the most popular dog in the world.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a dog that originates from 19th century England. It was created by Rev. John Russell, from where the name of the dog originates. These dogs were used to hunt foxes and other small mammals. They were officially accepted by the AKC in 2012.

Appearance – Athletic Dog Built For Swimming

The appearance of this hybrid breed will resemble both parent breeds, often leaning towards one or the other.

This Lab JRT mix will have an athletic and sturdy body, which will come from both parents. Its legs are proportionate and its chest is deep and rounded. You can expect this dog to have floppy ears, as both parent breeds have them, but its ears might also be slightly erect. It might also inherit the otter tail and webbed feet from the Lab, making it ideal for swimming.


The size of this mixed dog can be described as small to medium as it will be smaller than a Labrador and larger than a Jack Russell. Usually, it is around 16-20 inches tall and 25-50 pounds heavy. Male Jackadors will be slightly larger than females.

Coat And Color

Labrador Retrievers have water-resistant, short, double coats. Jack Russells can have wiry coats or smooth coats that are short in length. So you can expect their mixed puppy to have a short water-resistant coat as well.

The coat colours in mixed breed dogs can be mixed. Usually, the coat of these puppies will come from the Labrador parent. Labradors come in black, chocolate, and yellow, sometimes accompanied by white markings. Jack Russells only come as white with brown, black, cream, tan, or tri-color markings.

Temperament – Energetic Family Dog

Both parent breeds of the Jack Lab cross are known for their energetic behavior and playfulness, so it will also inherit those traits. This dog also has a high prey drive, due to both parent breeds being hunting dogs. So you will often find it chasing after the neighbor’s cat.

Regarding its relationship with its family, this is a great family dog because it is affectionate and loyal to its owner. That said, it won’t be able to stay alone for too long as it will develop behavioral issues like separation anxiety.

Jack Russell Terriers are smart, but so are Labradors, so their mixed puppy will be easy to train. This hybrid puppy will also bark a lot due to its inherited genes from the Jack Russell.

Taking Care Of A Jackador 

To properly care for this mixed pup, you will need to provide a proper diet, grooming, exercise, training, and regular vet checks.

Lifespan And Health

Considering the lifespans of both parent breeds, we can say that the life expectancy of this mixed dog averages around 11-14 years. This dog will be mostly healthy, with a few diseases inherited from both parents. Crossbreed health issues are less common as they benefit from having hybrid vigor.

  • Patellar luxation – This condition happens when the kneecap dislocates, causing problems with movement. It is more common in Jack Russells. You will notice the dog skip on its leg and then get better after a while. With time, it can lead to arthritis of the affected joint.
  • Bloat or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus – This is a gastrointestinal condition more common in Labradors. It happens when the stomach fills with gas and starts twisting upon itself to cause a blockage. This leads to vomiting, abdominal pain, and even collapse.
  • Eye disorders – Lens Luxation is an eye disease common in Jack Russells where the lens of the eye gets misplaced. Progressive Retinal Atrophy is more common in Labradors where the retina degenerates and loses function. Both of these lead to blindness.


The Lab Jack Russell hybrid is small to a medium-sized dog so it will need enough food to fit its size. On average, Jackadors will need around 1.5 – 2.5 cups of dog food every day. The diet for mixed breed dogs will vary a lot considering how big the dog grows up to be. The amount of food given should be split into more parts to give during the day.

When choosing the right food for your dog, always go with companies that are known to be reliable. It should contain a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids. It should also be low in carbs and artificial ingredients that can harm the dog.


The Jack Russell Labrador cross has a short coat that will be shed all throughout the year. Due to this, it will need to be brushed at least once a week to deal with the shedding. During shedding season, this brushing should be increased.

Its coat should be bathed once a month to keep it clean. Bathing too often can damage the coat and skin, while not bathing enough will lead to a bad smell. Always use a shampoo made for dogs and avoid using human shampoos for the dog. The dog will also need regular ear cleaning to prevent infections due to its floppy ears. Regular teeth brushing and nail clipping are also important.

Exercise Requirements And Training

The Lab JR crossbreed inherits a high-energy temperament from both parent breeds. So it will need a lot of exercise during the day. On average, around 1 hour of exercise a day should satisfy the needs of the pup. This should be split into more sessions during the day. Going for a walk, run, or hike would be great exercise. Labradors are great swimmers, so you can take their mixed puppy for a swim as well. Besides physical exercise, these dogs also need mental stimulation.

When it comes to training, these dogs have a high intelligence and are eager to please so they can learn a lot of commands. The owner should be persistent and dominant in the training, using obedience training and socialization from a young age. Positive reinforcement is also important.

Getting A Jack Russell Terrier And Lab Mix

If you like how this mixed dog sounds, you can get one for yourself by buying it from a breeder or adopting it from a shelter.

Where To Buy One

The price for this designer dog will average around $400-$650. If the parents of the puppy are award-winning dogs, you can expect the price to be higher. 

Always choose a reliable breeder before getting a dog. They should give you all information about the breed and all the medical documentation. You can also ask to visit its parents to see if they have any canine genetic disabilities. Because there are no specific breeders of this mixed breed, you should contact breeders specializing in the parent breeds.

Where To Adopt One

Another way to get a Labrussell for your home is to adopt it from a rescue shelter. Animal rescue shelters often have mixed dogs left there by irresponsible owners. These dogs will also be much cheaper than buying them from a breeder.

Some of these dogs might be older which might not suit you if you want a puppy. You might also not always find the breed you want, but you will find a loyal dog for yourself. There are other interesting mixes like the half Chihuahua half Labrador for example. Because there are no rescue shelters specializing in this mixed dog, you need to find ones for the parent breeds.

Labrador playing with a Jack Russell

Final Thoughts About The Lab Jack Russell Mix

If you mix Jack Russell Terriers and Labrador Retrievers, you will get dogs called Jackadors. These dogs will resemble one or the other parent depending on the inherited genes. They have athletic bodies, floppy ears, and bodies made for swimming. Their short but highly shedding coat will need regular maintenance.

The personality of these hybrid dogs is known to be energetic and playful. They are affectionate and loyal, making them great family pets. Because they are filled with energy, these dogs will need a lot of exercise to keep them satisfied. These dogs have high adaptability and working abilities. They can also get quite barky, so proper training is needed.

If you feel like these dogs are for you, you can buy them from a breeder or adopt them from a rescue shelter.


Is a Labrador Retriever Terrier mix hypoallergenic?

No, the Lab Terrier cross will not end up being hypoallergenic. This is because Labrador Retrievers have double coats which shed all throughout the year. This shedding only increases during the “coat-blowing” season.

Are Jackadors aggressive dogs?

No, these dogs are not aggressive by nature. Because both parent breeds are friendly and affectionate, you can expect their mixed puppy to be the same way. But some things can aggravate and cause the dog to act out aggressively.

Can a Jack Russell breed with a Lab?

Yes, these two breeds can breed naturally and create a Lab Jack Russell mix. The best way to do this is to breed a smaller female Labrador Retriever with a larger male Jack Russell Terrier.

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