How Big Do Blue Heelers Get? Informative Answer And Advice

Blue Heelers are also referred to as Australian Cattle Dogs, Red Heelers, or Queensland Heelers. They are strong and muscular dogs bred for herding. But how big do Blue Heelers get?

The average size of a Blue Heeler is around 17-20 inches in height and 35-50 pounds in weight. Due to this, we can refer to this breed as medium-sized. But there are some other facts to know about the size of this dog breed.

How Big Do Blue Heelers Get?

The average size of an Australian Cattle Dog is described in the American Kennel Club (AKC).  They describe a male Blue Heeler as 18-20 inches tall, and 35-50 pounds heavy. 

The female Blue heeler will have a height of 17-19 inches, and a weight of 35-50 pounds. According to these measurements, the dog can be described as medium-sized

Blue Heeler Size Chart

To get a better understanding of how big the pup will get, here is a chart size that records the weight of the pup each month.

AgeWeight (in pounds)
3 Months12-15 lbs.
4 Months15-18 lbs.
5 Months20-24 lbs.
6 Months23-26 lbs.
7 Months25-29 lbs.
8 Months26-30 lbs.
9 Months27-31 lbs.
10 Months28-33 lbs.
11 Months29-34 lbs.
12 Months30-35 lbs.
16 Months31-45 lbs.
24 Months45-50 lbs.

Is A Blue Heeler A Large Dog?

The Australian Cattle Dog, or the Blue Heeler, is considered to be a medium-sized dog. All medium-sized dogs fall in the borders between a weight of 20 and 60 pounds. And the Blue Heeler is inside the approximated borders.

Are There Mini Blue Heelers?

There is a Blue Heeler size variation called a Mini Blue Heeler. This can be done by breeding smaller Blue Heelers for many generations until reaching a smaller size of the dog. 

However, most of these dogs are made through unethical breeding. Some breeders will only breed runts to achieve the smaller size. Other breeders will take a purebred Blue Heeler dog and mix it with a smaller breed like a Chihuahua. So you should be careful if you are considering buying this miniature version of the breed.

Blue Heeler Development Stages

Australian Cattle Dogs will go through a few stages before they get to be fully grown-up dogs. During these stages, crucial changes will happen.

0-2 Weeks – Newborn

During this period, the puppy is still considered a newborn. The puppy will spend most of its time sleeping and eating. The pup won’t be able to see, hear, clean, or regulate its own body temperature. 

Because it is so vulnerable, the puppy will constantly be near its mother so it can stay alive. The Blue Heeler puppy size is around 7-11 pounds in weight at this period.

3-12 Weeks – Transitional Period

After the first 2 weeks pass, the puppy will enter a transitional phase marked by many changes. All senses will start developing. The puppy will start hearing and seeing things making it more curious about the world around it.

The puppy will develop its muscles and start exploring the world on its feet. It may also start wagging its tail by the end. Teething also happens during this period and weaning can begin.

Weaning will also start during this period. You can give puppies evaporated milk at this stage if they don’t nurse from their moms.

4-9 Months – Teenager

Once the puppy develops all of its senses, it will start growing up rapidly. During this time, the puppy will start getting more stubborn and independent. It will be similar to a human teenager. Proper training and socialization need to be done so you won’t have problems with its behavior in the future.

The dog will also reach sexual maturity during this phase. The males will produce sperm, and the females will begin their heat cycle.

10-18 Months – Adolescent

The Blue Heeler growth rate will start slowing down slowly during this period. Puppies at this stage can start getting fed an adult diet. Just make sure the transition is not too fast.

These dogs will also need a lot of exercise and training to spend their energy. Owners will also need to decide if they want to breed their dog at this period. If they don’t want to, the best decision would be to neuter or spay the dog.

18-24 Months – Adult

The final stage of the development of the Blue Heeler is the adult stage. During this stage, the dog will be completely finishing its physical and mental development. Its muscles will be developed enough to do its herding job. After this, these dogs can be officially referred to as adult dogs and reach their full size.

During this period it’s important to set a good routine and give a proper diet, exercise, and training. Regular vet check-ups are also important.

When Do Blue Heelers Stop Growing?

The Blue Heeler size will stop increasing during the adult stage at 18-24 months of age. The height of the puppy reaches full growth at around 9-11 months. The growth plates heal after this and only the weight of the dog increases during the next year. The chest area also grows more in the second year.

Some puppies will finish their growth at the age of 1 year, but most will continue growing during their second year. Usually, male Blue Heelers will grow for a bit longer than females, resulting in a bigger size.

Another important detail is that Blue Heelers calm down at the age of 4-6 years. After that, they will become more serious and easier to look after.

Physical Characteristics Of A Full-Grown Blue Heeler

Once the Blue Heeler reaches adult size, it will be a medium-sized dog with a short and smooth double coat. The color of its coat will actually be completely white while it is a puppy. It is believed that the breed inherited this from the genes of Dalmations during its development. During the puppy’s growth, around the age of 5 months, the color of its coat will slowly change to another color. 

Blue Heelers can have a blue or red, speckled or mottled, coat. The coat may also have some tan, red, or black markings. These markings can appear around the head, chest, and legs. Some may also appear on the face.

According to the dog breed standards, these dogs have brown eyes and small upright ears. They have a sturdy and muscular body structure. Their tail as long and held down, with an upward curve.

Blue Heeler Neck Size

You might want to know the neck size of the dog so you know what size of collar to get. Well to measure the size, you can use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around the neck where the collar would sit. The average neck size of a Blue Heeler will be around 22-28 inches.

What Affects The Size Of The Dog

The Blue Heeler size can be affected by a few factors. These factors play an important part in the development of the dog.

Gender And Genetics

One of the most important factors that determine the size of the dog is its genetic traits. When getting a Blue Heeler, ask to visit the parents of the pup and notice their size. You can expect the puppy you get to be around the same size.

The gender of the dog is also important as we know that male Blue Heelers tend to grow a bit more than females.


Canine nutrition will have a significant effect on canine health, development, and size. Research the food well before you give it to your dog. 

Dog food should be low in carbs and rich in protein. It should be filled with beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids. Cheaper dog food contains a lot of harmful artificial ingredients that will impact the development of the dog.

Exercise And Health

The Blue Heeler growth patterns will also be affected by the amount of exercise the dog gets. They are a working dog breed and have high amounts of energy to spend. Regular exercise aids the development of healthy muscles and bones. It also prevents the dog from becoming obese.

Some health problems will also affect the growth of the dog. Joint problems and bone diseases will prevent the dog from reaching its full size potential.


This medical procedure can have an effect on the development of both male and female Blue Heelers. It is done by removing the testicles, or the ovaries of the dogs.

Removing these organs will cause a decrease in the reproductive hormones which are connected with the growth hormones. Doing the procedure at the wrong time might impact the growth of the dog. Because of that, talk to a vet to do the procedure safely.

Blue Heeler Body Condition Score (BCS)

The Body Condition Score (BCS) is used to say if the Blue Heeler weight range is within the healthy borders. It is similar to the Body Mass Index (BMI) in humans. It can be used to determine whether a dog is underweight or overweight by calculating the amount of body fat.

The scales for BCS can go either 1-9 or 1-5. Here, 1 is considered emaciated, and 9 or 5 is considered obese. The optimal score for any dog is 5/9 or 3/5. This is measured by looking at and palpating the ribs, waist, and hips of the dog.

If the dog scores high and is considered obese, there may be health concerns. Some joint problems, heart problems, and diabetes can all result from this. That is why the dog should visit a vet for help.

Blue Heeler outside

So How Big Is Your Blue Heeler Dog?

A Blue Heeler in its full-grown size will be around 17-20 inches in height and 35-50 pounds in weight. This number will vary between every dog depending on its genes, gender, diet, and exercise requirements. That makes Blue Heelers to be considered medium-sized dogs.

While developing, the Blue Heeler will go through a few dog growth stages. These include the newborn, transitional, teenager, adolescent, and adult periods. Most Blue Heelers will achieve their final size at the age of 18-24 months.

Once the Blue Heeler grows up to a herding dog size, you will have a strong and athletic dog with a beautiful smooth coat. However big the dog grows up to be, it will be forever loyal and affectionate to its owner.


Do Australian Cattle Dogs experience growing pain?

No, Blue Heelers will not experience growing pain due to them being medium-sized dogs. Growing pains, or Panosteitis, are common in large dogs that grow rapidly during their early development.

What is the life expectancy of Australian Cattle Dogs?

The average lifespan of Blue Heelers is 12-16 years. This makes them relatively long-living dogs. But you will know how big Blue Heelers get when they reach the age of 2.

How much does it cost to own an Australian Cattle Dog? 

On average, the monthly costs of owning a Blue Heeler will get around $50-$300. This includes stuff like treats, toys, and food for the dog. This number will be higher when it is still a puppy though.

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