How to Get Dogs Unstuck: Tips To Rescuing Your Furry Friend

Breeding dogs is not a simple task, especially if you are inexperienced in the process. Dogs can often find themselves stuck after the deed, so you might wonder how to get dogs unstuck.

To unstick a dog after mating you first need to keep yourself calm. Don’t pull on the dogs or try something that will complicate their situation. Usually, they will come unstuck by themselves. But if they don’t, you should do a few things.

What should you know about dog mating?

The heat cycle of female dogs goes through four phases: proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus. This can last for different amounts of time depending on the dog. For example, the heat cycle of Corgis lasts around 2-4 weeks.

During the estrus phase, you are going to be dealing with stuck dogs. This is the mating season for the female dog and its animal behavior is going to change. It is going to keep its tail to the side and try to flirt with a male dog. Once the male dog becomes aroused, it mounts the female and enters the vagina with its penis. The intercourse lasts for around 1-2 minutes until semen is deposited inside. 

Why do dogs get stuck during mating?

Once coitus is finished, the male dismounts from the female and turns to face the opposite direction. The vulva of the female dog contracts around the male’s bulbus glandis part of the penis. This prevents blood from leaving and keeps it erect and “stuck”. Some breeders call this “the tie”. During this time, semen is still being deposited in the vagina. It can last anywhere from 5-45 minutes.

With time, the vulva will relax, letting the erection pass and the penis will exit the vagina. After the deed, the male dog walks away. Reading books on dog breeding will make it easier for you to understand the canine reproductive anatomy and mating dogs’ physiology.

How to separate dogs safely after mating?

Even though the situation may seem bad, it is recommended to not do anything while the dogs are stuck. This is because, in time, they are supposed to unstuck themselves. The best thing you can do in this situation is to stay calm and not cause a commotion.

Make the environment nice and quiet

Monitor the dogs and react only if things really go wrong. Sometimes, they will get nervous and aggressively react to one another. To prevent this, make the environment as calm as possible. Prevent any loud noises that may cause stress for the dogs. If there are people around, ask them to give the dogs some space and stay quiet. Keep other stimuli like lights and scents away from the dogs as well.

Calm yourself and your dogs

Pet owners often get anxious while dealing with stuck dogs. But you should stay calm as your anxiety can transfer to them. Once you calm yourself, try to calm the female pet in distress by gently petting her head and talking softly. The energy of understanding will transfer and make things easier. You can do the same for the male as well. Putting a blanket over the dog’s back might keep them warm and peaceful.

Tricks to try in serious situations

If the intercourse lasts much longer than the expected amount, you can try helping a little. Pouring some lukewarm water around the genitalia may help with relaxation and get them unstuck. Putting a little pressure on the dog’s backs or lightly pulling on their tails might also help. Some people also suggest filling up a small pool with water and letting the dogs soak for some time. Because you can’t really do much, it might be best to contact your vet.

What will happen if you are forcefully separating the dogs after mating?

Panicking and trying to split the dogs by physical force will only lead to pain and possible injury. Tears and damage to the genitalia are possible if you pull hard enough. This might lead to more swelling and make the problem even worse.  Besides the pain, the dogs will get even more stressed. This might create trauma for the dog and it will be afraid to repeat it again in the future. 

Some infections like brucellosis can also occur due to this. “Brucella canis is a rare type of bacteria that can cause an incurable infection in dogs. It can be sexually transmitted during mating or can be passed on through contact with infected body fluids.”, according to The Kennel Club.

You may also get attacked by the dogs if you are hurting them too much. The relationship between you and your dog might become strained.

When should you seek professional help during dog mating?

The one person who is professionally able to explain how to unstick a dog after mating is a veterinarian. If the coitus persists for more than one hour or you see something unusual, giving a call to your vet should be a priority. They will give you advice on what you can do, or call you to their office to examine the dogs themselves. If that is not possible, you may ask them for a home visit. Vets may be able to give an injection to end the process altogether. In the worst-case scenario, surgery might be needed to unstuck the dogs.

Do dogs always get pregnant when they tie?

The fact that dogs get stuck during copulation does not ensure pregnancy. Sometimes, even without this phenomenon, the female dog can get puppies. But getting stuck does increase the chances of pregnancy so that’s why preventing dogs from getting stuck after mating is not recommended.

Another important factor for getting pregnant is the time of the intercourse, as it has to be while the female is fertile. Both dogs also need to be healthy and old enough to have mature sex organs. The size and breed of the dogs also play a part. Mating a large breed with a small breed has a much lower chance of being successful. But mixed breeds like the Great Dane and Chihuahua mix can still happen with artificial insemination.

How to avoid pregnancy in dogs?

If you are not someone who wants new puppies, you need to make sure that your dog doesn’t get pregnant.

Isolating the dog

Instead of thinking about ways to free stuck dogs, you can always just keep the dogs apart so they don’t get into that position in the first place. Only do this during the “risky” days of the female’s heat cycle.

In the home, you can isolate the dog by putting it in a dog crate. This only works if the dog is crate-trained and feels safe inside. Regarding this, The Humane Society of the United States says that:

Crate training can take days or weeks, depending on your dog’s age, temperament and past experiences. It’s important to keep two things in mind while crate training: The crate should always be associated with something pleasant and training should take place in a series of small steps. 

You can also keep the dog in a separate room that is inaccessible to male dogs. Reduce the time the female is outside by limiting the walks to a schedule and letting it roam free. Only let the dog in the yard if it’s well-closed.

Using methods of contraception

You can buy dog diapers or dog panties and prevent the female from bleeding while you are going for a walk. This also serves as a mechanical barrier to prevent copulation. A problem here is that some male dogs can tear through these if they are determined. You will have to worry about freeing a stuck dog in this situation.

There are specially-made contraceptive drugs for dogs that prevent pregnancy. Progestin and GnRH analogs are such examples. Your vet can also inject these as “morning after” drugs that work within 48 hours of mating. However, these bring many complications.

Choose spaying or neutering

Spaying is a surgical procedure done by a veterinarian. It involves removing the uterus and ovaries, thus preventing pregnancy. This procedure also prevents heat cycles and cancers of the female reproductive organs. Male dogs can also go through a similar procedure called neutering. This is when the dog’s testicles are removed to prevent sperm from forming. It can lead to the dog developing black balls.

Instead of going through a surgical procedure, you can also choose chemical castration. This can only be done to the male dog and causes infertility that lasts up to 6 months. After some time, breeding can be done again.

How to get dogs unstuck? – Final thoughts

Breeding dogs is not a simple task. The female dog has to be in the perfect phase, while the male has to get attracted and perform. However, one thing makes this process even more stressful. The dogs get stuck while doing the deed.

If it’s your first time seeing that, you might start panicking and thinking that something went wrong. But this is a normal thing that happens and makes it easier for the dogs to create puppies.

Once it happens, stay calm and provide a quiet atmosphere for your dogs. Don’t involve yourself in their mating, rather give them some time to finish. If they don’t get unstuck by themselves, you can ask for veterinary advice. You can also call animal control for dog emergency situations.


Can dogs die from stuck mating?

There’s a very low chance of one of the dogs dying due to getting stuck. This can happen if there is a severe injury that leads to serious infections. Both dogs can also overheat and suffer from dehydration.

Can female dogs get stuck to other females?

No, they can not. Even though two female dogs can mount each other for different reasons, they don’t have the body parts necessary to get stuck. Hence you don’t have to know how to get dogs unstuck if you have two females at home.

How can I free a dog trapped in a fence?

Freeing a dog that has been stuck in a fence requires similar dog rescue techniques as being stuck during mating. Preventing injury means that you need to stay calm and call the authorities who can help the dog get out.

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