Corgis Sleeping On Their Back – Is It A Common Occurrence?

Corgis are small fluffy dogs that can fit almost anywhere in your home. You can usually find Corgis sleeping on their back to relax.

Corgis sleep on their backs because it is the optimal way for them to cool down. They also show you that they feel safe and comfortable in your home. This is a behavior acted out by all dogs. But Corgis can be found sleeping in other positions too.

Benefits Of Sleeping On The Back

Don’t be worried when you see your Corgi sleeping on its back. This is its favorite sleeping position and there are many benefits to this cute behavior.

Cooling Down Body Temperature

Once summer starts to come, and the temperature starts going up, you will see your Corgi lying on its back to sleep more often. It’s because this position is the perfect one for cooling off.

Corgis have thick double coats that keep them very warm. When Corgies lay on their backs, they expose their bellies to the air. Their bellies have less fur than the rest of their body, which makes it easier for the air to cool them down. Also with this pose, they expose more body surface area.

Never shave a Corgi to cool it off. This is a very bad idea that can lead to much more problems.

Feeling Safe

One of the reasons why Corgi sleep on their back is to show you that they trust you and they feel safe in your home. It shows that it is fully relaxed and that you’ve made a safe and comfortable home for it.

Dogs that don’t feel safe and sense danger nearby sleep in a much different position. If you see a dog sleeping in a prone position with its limbs pressed against something, it means that the dog is alert and ready to defend itself.

Maximizing Comfort

Just like we humans all have different positions of sleeping we find most comfortable, so do dogs. If your Corgi feels like sleeping on its back is the most comfortable to sleep in, it will do it.

You might have your Corgi sleeping on his belly, or on his side for years. Then, without notice, you see it start sleeping more and more on its back.

When your Corgi puppy sleeps on its back, it relaxes all its muscles and releases itself of tension. It just relaxes its dog paws and enjoys napping.

A Sign Of Submission

A dog lying on its back shows that it is in a vulnerable position and it is submitting to you. Even dog’s ancestors – wolves do this when they face their leaders.

Corgis are known for being stubborn and self-sufficient individuals. So when it falls asleep lying on its back and submitting to you, it means that it loves and respects you as its owner.

If your Corgi does this pose while it is awake, don’t be afraid to give it the good ol’ belly rub so you can make it a happy Corgi.

Available Space

Dogs sleep on their backs because there is enough space to do so. Even though Corgis are short dogs with short legs they still need a lot of space to fully relax on their backs and get comfortable.

If you don’t have enough space at home, you are more likely to see your Corgi to sleep in another position on its belly or sideways.

To make your Corgi comfortable and sleeping on its bed, buy a dog bed or a crate. You can also get a soft mat for it to sleep on.

Other Corgi Sleeping Positions

The “passed out” position of sleeping on its back is not the only position you will find your Corgi sleeping in. There are a few others.

Crazy Legs

This sleeping position is very similar to the “passed out” position of sleeping on the back. The thing that differs them is that in the “crazy legs” position the dog’s legs are pointing upwards, while in the “passed out” position they are lying on its chest.

The benefit of this position is the same as the “passed out” position. It leads to a normal body temperature, resting, and shows trust to the owner.

Side Sleeping

Instead of your Corgi lying on its back, you might notice it sleeping on its side. Dogs usually sleep in this position when they are trying to take shorter naps. However, sometimes the nap gets too nice so they end up sleeping for a longer time.

In this pose, Corgis still have their stomachs exposed meaning they still get to cool off and show you affection and trust.


This is a very cute and funny position you can catch your Corgi sleeping in. It basically looks like Superman flying with its belly lying on the floor and all four legs stretched out and relaxed.

Corgis assume this position when they are feeling playful and want to continue doing their activity once they take a quick nap. 

Another benefit of this position is that it keeps the dog warm because its belly is not exposed.

Curly Sue

The “Curly Sue” describes the position where the Corgi lies on its stomach, hiding its paws under its body and curling its tail. Sleeping Corgis assume this position when they feel cold and they want to warm up. Some Corgis have long fluffy tails that increase the comfort and warmth in this position.

That position allows the belly to be hidden from outside air sources and keeps it warm. Dogs will sometimes take this position if they feel apprehensive about something, like a new environment or people.

Back To Back

To assume this sleeping position, there need to be two individuals. It can be done by two dogs or a dog with its owner. If you have two or more dogs, you might notice them sleeping like this.

The “back to back” sleeping position is a way to show affection and trust. It’s just like cuddling. If your Corgi sleeps like this with you, it is telling you that it considers you a member of its pack and it wants to bond.

How Much Sleep Does A Corgi Need?

Now that we know the reasons why Corgi sleep on their back, let’s see how much sleep they need in a day. Corgis calm down at 1-2 years of age and they remain as high-energy dogs throughout their whole lives. So they need enough deep sleep to keep up. 

A Corgi puppy needs around 18-20 hours of sleep during the day. Once it grows up, it will need around 14-16 hours of sleep. Of course, Corgis won’t sleep for 14 hours straight. Instead, they take short 1-2 hour naps during the day. During the night, they will sleep for a longer time around 10 hours. This is good for you because they are quite energetic dogs when they are awake.

Unfortunately, these sleeping habits change drastically once female Corgis get their period. Make sure you don’t wake up your Corgi once it starts taking a nap. Let it develop healthy sleeping habits. It needs to get enough sleep so it grows up strong and healthy after all.

Adult Corgis sleeping on their back

So Why Are Corgis Sleeping On Their Back?

Corgis sleep on their back because it’s the optimal way to sleep when they want to cool off, especially during the hot summer days. It is their preferred sleeping position. But they can take this position for a couple of other things. It means that the dog trusts you and is showing vulnerability to you. It also wants to tell you that it is comfortable and it has enough space to stretch out.

Besides this position Corgies can also sleep in a few others. The “Superman”, “Curly Sue”, and the “back to back” are only a few positions your Corgi can take.

You should let your Corgi sleep peacefully no matter what position it takes. They need around 14-16 hours of sleep when grown up so they stay strong and healthy.


Will Corgis sleep with you?

Corgis can sleep with you if you let them. This can form a stronger bond between you and will benefit your relationship if you are someone who’s not home for most of the day.

Are Corgis Nocturnal?

Not really. You can catch Corgis sleeping on their back during the day and during the night. They are described as “social sleepers”, which means that they will take cues from you when they need to sleep or not.

What are the benefits of your Corgi sleeping with you?

You will be calmer as dogs lower blood pressure and stress in humans. The Corgi will also give you a sense of safety because it is a good guard dog. Your Corgi will be more relaxed and safe as well.

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