Can You Shave A Corgi? – Myths, Mistakes, And Tips

During the summer season, the only thing everyone wants to do is to cool off. Corgis have thick furs and many Corgi owners wonder – can you shave a Corgi?

You should never shave your Corgi. Their coats are perfectly made to withstand cold and warm temperatures. If you damage the coat by shaving it, you can only cause problems to your Corgi. But you can still groom your Corgi if you want to.

The Beautiful Corgi Coat

Corgis have double-coated fur made from two layers – an undercoat and a top coat.

The undercoat is dense, soft, and thick. The purpose of this layer is to insulate the Corgi’s skin and prevent it from getting too warm or too cold.

The top coat is longer and determines the color of the dog. The purpose of these guard hairs is to protect the dog from the sun, dirt, and insects.

The fact that it is a double-coat, means that you will experience a lot of shedding. But you should never succumb to shaving a Corgi. The coat is perfectly made so it keeps them warm during the winter and lets them stay cool during the summer.

Why You Shouldn’t Shave A Corgi Coat

The coat is there to protect the Corgi. Shaving it can lead to many complications that will make your Corgi miserable.

Exposure To Sunburns

The Corgi’s coat protects it from the harmful effects of UV rays coming from the sun. If you shave off this protective coat, you risk your Corgi being exposed to lots of these rays that can cause sunburns. Besides sunburns, UV rays can also cause skin cancer, which is a very expensive and very difficult disease to cure. 

If the coat ends up being shaved, the best you can do is not walk your dog during the hottest hours of the day. Instead, go for a walk in the morning or evening when the sun doesn’t burn as much.

Interferes With Thermoregulation

A shaved Corgi will develop problems with regulating its normal body temperature. Its natural coat has perfectly evolved to keep it cool for the summer and warm for the winter. Both layers of the coat create a layer of air in between them that acts as an insulator for the dog’s skin.

Once this coat is shaven, this insulating layer is destroyed and the Corgi loses all capability of thermoregulation. The dense undercoat grows back faster and traps the air. But the top coat doesn’t reflect the UV rays. This makes the trapped air warm and makes your dog overheat during the summer.

Causes Even More Shedding

Corgis are dogs that shed a lot, so a lot of people consider shaving them as a cure for shedding. But shaving the dog will only cause the problems to get worse.

If you give your Corgi a cut, the hair will start growing back in time. These small dead hairs that form will shed again. But this time, it will be much harder to clean them as they will be so small that you won’t see them.

If you are a person that has allergies to dog hairs, the Corgi is not right for you. We recommend finding a hypoallergenic dog.

Changes The Texture Of The Coat

Some owners think that the shaved coat of the Corgi will just grow back again. But that is only partially true. The coat will grow back but it won’t be as luscious and fluffy as before.

The undercoat starts growing faster than the top coat and makes it look patchy and unappealing. It can also change the texture and color of the coat.

You will also increase the possibility of the coat creating painful mats and knots. Burrs and twigs will also be more likely to adhere to the coat making them difficult to remove.

In certain areas of the body, additional problems may arise. You may end up asking yourself are dogs balls supposed to be black, after injuring them by accident.

Tips For A Healthy Corgi Coat

Instead of creating a hairless Corgi by shaving it, there are things you can do to help your Corgi have a healthy coat.

Don’t Over-Bathe

Bathing is necessary to keep the Corgi smelling good. But you shouldn’t overdo it. Bathe your Corgi once every two months. If you over-bathe you will destroy the natural oils of the dog’s skin. Because of that its skin will dry out and make the coat dull, dirty, and greasy.

Brush Consistently

Brushing the coat does a lot more good than cutting it. You should brush your Corgi’s coat daily or once every two days. Brushing removes excess fur and evens out the oil in the hairs. It also protects from mats and knots forming. Make sure to use a brush created for double-coated fur.

Give Omega-3 Supplements

Instead of having a bald Corgi, give it omega-3 supplements to make its coat healthy and fluffy. You can also give it dog treats that contain fish oil from companies like Pedigree and Purina. These help keep the brain, heart, immune system, and skin and coat healthy. It is also good to take for Corgis that have already been shaved. 

Use Grooming Wipes

Whenever your Corgi’s coat gets dirty, a quick way to clean it up is to use grooming wipes or baby wipes. Even though it isn’t a substitute for bathing, it will get rid of surface dirt and stains. Because Corgis aren’t supposed to have baths often, you can do a full-body wipe once a week to keep it clean.

Use A Natural Shampoo

The kind of shampoo you use on your Corgi is very important. Usually, shampoos that people use have a lot of alcohol, fragrances, detergents, and so on. These can irritate the dog’s skin and cause skin problems. Make sure to only use shampoos made from natural ingredients that are meant for dog use.

What To Do If Your Corgi’s Fur Is Accidentally Shaved

If you get an accidentally shaved Corgi from the groomers, there are things you can do to prevent complications. 

The coat will start to grow back but the process will take a long time. While the coat is regrowing, you should provide special attention to your Corgi’s coat. You should gently brush it every day to prevent matting or knotting from happening. The best tool for this is the undercoat rake which has enough space between the teeth to help with disentanglement.

Don’t let your Corgi go out in the sun during this period. It has a much higher chance of getting sunburned. Ask for help from another groomer or talk to your vet for more information.

Should You Trim Your Corgi’s Hair Yourself?

Giving Corgi haircuts is a job for dog groomers. You can do it yourself, but you might end up making a mistake and causing an accident. Professional groomers know how to distinguish the undercoat and the top coat and will avoid making the mistake of shaving the dog.

The benefits that come from trimming your Corgi’s hair include:

  • Keeping your Corgi clean and looking good by giving it a fun haircut.
  • Making the process of brushing and bathing easier and more effective.
  • Reduces Corgi shedding by a small amount.

You should always get the butt hair trimmed as well. You can tell your groomer to do it or you can do it yourself. Butt hairs can retain a bit of the feces or urine from your dog so you shouldn’t let them get too long.

If you started the process of grooming your Corgi, make sure to cut your dog’s nails and brush its teeth regularly.

Best Corgi Haircuts

There are three most common haircuts for a Corgi that everyone recommends.

The Fluffy Haircut is a haircut done by cutting the fur evenly and then fluffing it out. It is a voluminous and glamorous look for your dog. The fluffing out part is done by using a soft wire brush that is guided in the direction of the fur.

The Natural Haircut is literally that, natural. The Corgi double-coat will still look good even if it’s not trimmed frequently. That said, regular brushing is a must if your Corgi’s hair is too long. Long hair can lead to constant shedding of the fur.

The Simple Haircut is a modest trim of the largely grown hair that can help during the hot summer days. It consists of shortening the hair of the whole body, besides the hair around the face and ears. 

So Can You Shave A Corgi?

Corgis are very popular dogs that have beautiful double-coated fur. Their fur is made from an undercoat and a top coat, which serve to protect and isolate the Corgi’s skin.

You should never shave your Corgi because you will be destroying the fur and its functions. By shaving the fur you will cause problems with thermoregulation and exposure to sunburns. It will also ruin the coat itself and cause more matting and knotting.

To keep your Corgi’s coat healthy brush consistently and bathe from time to time with a natural shampoo. You can also use grooming wipes and give omega-3 supplements for optimal health.

Avoid trimming your Corgi by yourself. If an accident happens you should care for it by brushing it daily and avoiding sun exposure. 


How long does it take for Corgi’s hair to grow back?

A short hair Corgi will grow its hair back in a few months to a year. During this time, you should brush its hair carefully and give it omega-3 supplements to provide natural and healthy hair growth.

What is shave shock in dogs?

Shave shock happens when you shave a dog with double-coated fur, like the Corgi. Its fur will be damaged and start growing back unevenly and forming bald spots. It will also be more exposed to sunburn and cold.

Can you shave a Corgi with human clippers?

You should never shave a Corgi. If you want to trim its fur, you should avoid using human clippers because there is a bigger chance of hurting the dog. Instead, use special dog clippers and be careful while trimming.

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