How To Make German Shepherd Back Legs Stronger? – A Guide

German Shepherd sitting on snow

As they age, dogs can develop all kinds of problems that inhibit their normal activities. With German Shepherds, these problems often occur on their hind legs. So you need to know how to make German Shepherd back legs stronger. To strengthen a German Shepherd’s back legs, focus on exercises like controlled walks, swimming, and obstacle … Read more

How Strong Is A Belgian Malinois Bite In PSI?

Belgian Malinois jumping over obstacle with dumbell in its mouth

Belgian Malinois’ are medium to large-sized dogs with strong and muscular bodies. Because they look dangerous, some people may wonder what their bite force is. The Belgian Malinois bite force is 195 PSI. This is a very strong bite force compared to other dog breeds. The strong bite force paired with the large and frightening … Read more