Can Dogs Eat Vegetable Soup? What You Need to Know

Vegetable soups are gaining popularity as a potential addition to our canine companions’ diets. They are nutritious, delicious, and relatively easy to make. But can dogs eat vegetable soup?

Dogs can usually eat vegetable soup in moderation, but ingredients like onions, garlic, and excessive spices can be harmful. Opt for feeding bland soups without additives. You can make your own homemade vegetable soup for your dog.

Which specific ingredients in vegetable soup can pose risks for dogs?

The reason why vegetable soup is not safe for dogs in certain cases is the ingredients you decide to include in the recipe.

Onions and garlic

These two ingredients can be added fresh or as a powdered spice in order to elevate the taste of the dish. However, they can be highly toxic to dogs. This is because they come from the Allium family of plants that contain a certain ingredient that can destroy the erythrocytes of dogs and cause hemolytic anemia. Dr. Sharon M. Gwaltney-Brant, from the MSD Veterinary Manual has this to say about Allium toxicity:

Clinical signs of Allium spp toxicosis are generally not noted until substantial hemolysis has occurred, usually a few days after exposure. Depression, anorexia, tachypnea, tachycardia, weakness, exercise intolerance, icterus, hemoglobinuria, collapse, and death may occur.

Excessive salt

Salt is another thing people add as a way to make a meal more delicious. But dogs can only eat very small amounts of it in a day. If they eat too much salt, dogs can develop sodium toxicity which can kill them. Vomiting, seizures, and kidney damage are only a few expected symptoms. Long term, it can also cause high blood pressure.


Some vegetable soup recipes for dogs will include mushrooms. While some mushrooms are safe for them, dogs shouldn’t eat mushroom soup. Eating a poisonous mushroom can intoxicate dogs and cause diarrhea, convulsions, and organ failure. If you do decide to include mushrooms, make sure they are store-bought and safe.

Too much fat

There are people who like to add cream, or other fatty ingredients in their soups. While this is almost certain to improve the taste of the dish, it can be bad for dogs. If dogs eat foods with high-fat content, they might experience pancreatitis. This can be a painful experience for them and it is also life-threatening. Long-term risks of eating fats include weight gain and obesity. These can then lead to additional complications in dogs.

Additional harmful ingredients

Some vegetable soups contain leeks or chives, which are very toxic for dogs. Sometimes, people will add grapes or raisins, but they are also poisonous. Nuts like macadamia nuts and almonds can also cause very bad problems for dogs. “Clinical signs commonly reported from most to least frequent were weakness, depression, vomiting, ataxia, tremors, and hyperthermia”, says Dr. Steven R. Hansen for ASPCApro. Artificial ingredients in store-bought or canned soups are also really bad for them.

What benefits come from feeding dogs vegetable soup?

Properly prepared vegetable soup, using only healthy ingredients can be very nutritious soup for dogs. It is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will improve your dog’s well-being. Some soups contain a lot of fiber, like for example, pumpkin soup which is great for dogs with diarrhea.

Soups are also warm and delicious and can be great for dogs that are sick. Dogs that suffer from medical issues that impair eating and digestion will benefit from eating soup. It is also great for hydration as it contains a lot of water. Soups are also quite cheap and can be a great quick meal for dogs.

How can you make homemade vegetable soup for dogs?

If you want to make your own soup to feed your pup, you should carefully craft it with only safe vegetables for dogs. First, select a few delicious and healthy vegetables to include. Pumpkin and zucchini soup is a great option for dogs with digestive problems. Spinach and parsley are another good option to improve the dog’s immune system. Including carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans is also great. While cooking, don’t add any spices that will harm the dog. Just boil the vegetables to softness and serve them as such to your dog.

To add more protein to the dish, you can decide to include some chicken or turkey inside. Dogs can also eat miso soup, which is a traditional Japanese dish you can prepare at home.

What to consider when feeding this soup to your dog?

Besides using dog-friendly soup ingredients, you also need to know the amount you give your dog. Decide on the amount you feed considering the size, age, and activity level of your dog. Puppies and senior dogs also have specific dietary restrictions that need to be considered first. If you are not sure about how to feed your dog, you can always ask a vet or a dog nutritionist for help. They will help by devising a balanced diet specific to your dog.

Can dogs eat commercially available powdered soup mixes?

Even though it is easier to prepare, avoid giving store-bought powdered soups to dogs. Although tasty, these soups are filled with spices and salt that will harm your dog. They are also much lower in nutrients compared to soups you can prepare at home with real vegetables.

What to do if your dog eats soup by accident?

You might catch your dog sipping from your soup while enjoying a delicious dinner. Because dogs and vegetable soup do not always get along well, you should consider the drawbacks of this situation. 

Take a second to find out the ingredients of the soup you are eating. If you made it yourself, it will be easier to think about what you added. If you bought it from the store, see the ingredient list to gather information. Make sure to also find out how much the dog had to eat. While doing so, remove the soup from its reach to prevent it from eating more.

If you find out that toxic ingredients are in the soup, it is best to contact your vet. Monitor your dog for any signs of toxicity so you can inform the veterinarian. They will give you advice on how to continue. Sometimes, you will need to bring the dog to their office for further diagnostics and treatment.

Final thoughts – Can dogs eat vegetable soup?

This delicious and soothing meal can be perfect for dogs. It offers a high amount of nutrients and can help during times of illness. However, not all vegetable soups are the same in this regard.

The outcomes of eating this soup really depend on the added ingredients. Having toxic vegetables or spices can cause serious problems for your dog. That’s why it’s important to make your own soup at home and add only ingredients that are safe for dogs. Avoid giving canned store-bought soups as they usually have a lot of added things that can harm your pup.

If your dog did eat some of your soup, consider the benefits and drawbacks before calling your vet up for help.


How often should you include vegetable soup in your dog’s diet?

Vegetables should not exceed more than 10-20% of your dog’s daily food intake. Canines are carnivores and should get more meat if you want them to stay healthy. A vegetarian diet for dogs is not recommended.

Are there any vegetables that can help improve my dog’s digestion?

Besides pumpkin, you can also give carrots, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. All vegetables known to have higher amounts of fiber can help dogs with digestive problems.

Can dogs with allergies eat vegetable soup?

Dogs can eat vegetable soup even if they have allergies. The thing here is that you need to avoid the vegetables that your dog is allergic to. If you are unsure, then you can just avoid feeding it altogether.

Is tomato soup good for dogs?

Avoid giving tomato soup to your dog. While tomatoes themselves can be fine in moderation, larger amounts can harm dogs due to some bad ingredients. These soups also have added spices that can harm your pup.

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