Can Corgis Be Left Alone? How To Make Alone Time Easier?

The world is home to many Corgi owners. But their owners have jobs and other daily responsibilities besides their pups. As a result, there might be a need to leave Corgis alone. And can Corgis be left alone?

A Corgi can be left alone for a maximum of 8 hours. Anything beyond that runs the risk of separation anxiety. You should provide the Corgi with the right exercise, nutrition, and training to make things simpler. Yet, not all Corgis are the same in this regard.

How Long Can Corgis Be Left Alone?

Letting your Corgi alone will vary depending on their age, and whether they are Pembroke or Cardigan.

Puppy Corgis

Puppies require a lot of attention to stay happy and healthy because they are little and fragile. They shouldn’t be left alone for too long as a result. Puppy potty training determines how long they can be left alone in most cases. There is a simple way to know how long you can leave your puppy, according to its specific age:

  • <10 weeks of age: 1 hour
  • 10-12 weeks of age: 2 hours
  • 3 months: 3 hours
  • 4 months: 4 hours
  • 5 months: 5 hours
  • 6 months: 6 hours
  • >6 months: 6-8 hours

Adult Corgis

Corgis mature at an age of 1-2 years. After that, they can be considered to be adults. At that age, they are supposed to be able to take care of themselves for longer amounts of time. Because of this, adult Corgis can be left alone for around 8 hours every day.

Although this is true, some Corgis can be different than others. Your job as the owner is to provide all the needed preparations before leaving the dog alone for that long.

Senior Corgis

You may consider your Corgi to be a senior once it’s reached the age of 10. Corgis will live around 12-15 years on average. In their senior years, you should expect the Corgi to start amassing some health problems like hip dysplasia or urinary incontinence. The dog won’t be able to be alone as much as it could when it was younger.

Depending on how much care your doggy needs, it will be able to withstand different amounts of alone time. It might range from 30 minutes to 6 hours.

What To Do Before Leaving Your Corgi Alone?

Sometimes you will need to leave the Corgi alone at home. To make things easier, there are a few things you can do.


Corgis are known to have high amounts of energy that need spending daily. On average, a Corgi will need around 1 hour of exercise daily. Make sure to split this exercise into two or more sessions. If you are gone during the day, take the Corgi on a short walk before work and after work. This will prevent destructive behavior as the pup will be too tired to do anything.

Leave The TV On

If you want to know how to keep a Corgi entertained, you can start by doing things you find entertaining. Leaving the TV or the radio on will help keep its attention for longer. They will block out the noise of traffic, people, and other animals outside which will bother your pup. You can also try recording yourself speaking to someone and putting it on repeat at home.

Buy Some Dog Toys

Another way to keep your Corgi entertained when alone is to get some dog toys. There are many different toys you can get for a pup. Interactive puzzle toys are great for mental stimulation which uses a lot of that excess energy. You can also get some treat-dispensing toys. These will provide adequate stimulation while also providing some treats for the pup.

Leave Your Shirt Around

Corgis have a good sense of smell and will notice it once you are coming back home from work. But what if you leave your scent in the house even when you are not around? Get an older unwashed shirt you don’t need and place it in the Corgi’s crate. It will appreciate having your scent nearby and it will remain calmer knowing it’s there.

Prepare A Dog Crate

While you are away, you can leave your Corgi in its crate. Do this only if your Corgi is properly crate trained. Then, it will consider the crate a safe space where it can relax and rest. Leave enough food and water and put soft blankets and toys inside to make it comfortable. Make sure to leave the door open if the pup wants to get out. 

Get A Pet Camera

There is a limited time of how long can Corgis be left alone, and you as the owner might want to know what they do during that time. Getting a camera for your home will help you understand how your pup is doing being alone. Some cameras even have a built-in speaker that allows you to talk to your pup from a distance.

Dog Proof Your House

Just like you baby-proof a home when you are expecting a baby, you should also dog-proof a home for a new pup. Corgis are active and curious dogs and might get into some problems without supervision. Put up some gates to places you don’t want your Corgi to have access like the stairs and the kitchen. Cover the electric outlets and clean the floors from sharp things.

How To Make Things Easier For Yourself

If you don’t think that you can maintain your work life and dog owner life properly, there are a few things you can do to make everything easier.

Ask For Help From Family And Friends

While you are at work, you can ask someone from your friends and family to check up on the dog. They will replenish the water, give some food, or take the pup for a short walk. This will mean a lot for the dog as it won’t feel as alone. If your family and friends are busy, you can also ask a neighbor for help.

Hire A Dog Sitter

To reduce Corgi separation anxiety from your Corgi being left alone, you can hire a dog walker or dog sitter. Professional dog sitters or dog walkers are tasked to look after your dogs and take them on walks. Dog sitters and walkers are relatively easy to find online. They will cost you some money, but they will make your situation much easier. 

Go To A Doggy Daycare

Instead of hiring someone to look after your dog at home, you can also take your dog to a doggy daycare. These institutions are made for pups who need to stay somewhere during the day. There, they will hang out with other dogs and have people that look after them. Also, it will help with socializing the dog.

Work From Home

Lately, many jobs made the transition from the office to home. Of course, not all jobs can do this. But if you do have a job you can do at home, consider working from home to be closer to your pup. If you can’t be home for the whole day, consider at least having your lunch break at home visiting your Corgi.

Do Corgis Get Separation Anxiety?

Corgis are known for their affectionate nature and their connection with their owners. So it is not surprising to know that they are prone to developing separation anxiety. This condition develops after Corgis stay home alone for too long. There are a few symptoms you can look for to diagnose this condition.

  • Excessive barking
  • Blocking the exit when you are about to leave
  • Ignoring commands
  • Becoming destructive and hyper
  • Peeing and pooping everywhere
  • Being clingy and following you around

If you notice that your Corgi has separation anxiety, consider going to your vet for help. They will help you deal with this condition better.

How Long Can Corgis Hold Pee?

On average, an adult Corgi will be able to hold in its pee for about 8-10 hours. This is much different for puppies and senior dogs as their ability is not as good. In fact, a senior dog leaving wet spots is not uncommon. This will affect the time you can leave the dog alone at home. But there are a few things you can do to make things easier.

Firstly, proper housebreaking is important. This means you should teach your dog to pee only when you are outside for a walk. If you can’t take it on a walk for a long time, you should consider buying some artificial grass for the dog to potty on. That can be kept inside and clean as needed.

Corgi looking from a distance in the forest

Conclusion – Can Corgis Be Left Alone?

If you are a busy person and have to leave your Corgi home alone, you can do that. But you shouldn’t be away too much. Adult Corgis can stay alone for around 8 hours. Corgi Puppies and senior Corgis can stay alone for less time.

Before you leave you should give the dog enough exercise to keep it calm. You can also leave the TV on and give it some toys to play with. Dog-proofing the house and getting a pet camera will help soothe your anxiety about the dog’s safety.

To make things easier, you can ask a friend or family to help look after the dog. If they are busy, you can hire a dog sitter or take the Corgi to a doggy daycare. If none of those are options, you can try working from home to be with your pup.


Are Corgis good apartment dogs?

Corgis are a great fit for apartments. Raising a corgi in an apartment is great as they are small and affectionate dogs. They do have some barking tendencies and exercise needs, but that can be worked on.

Can Corgis Live Outside?

Yes, Corgis can learn to live outside. But you should only let the Corgi outside if it’s aged and trained properly. If it’s too cold, consider getting the dog inside your home to warm up.

Are Corgis good for first-time owners?

Corgis are great for first-time owners. They are smart, affectionate, and highly social dogs and will connect with their owner fast. If the owner is busy, Corgis can be left alone for some time.

Are Corgis hard to take care of?

Not really. Corgis are considered to be low-maintenance dogs. The Corgi coat is prone to shedding, but it doesn’t require too much attention. They are smart and don’t require too much food to keep up.

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