Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs? Can You Leave Them Alone?

People that live in apartments often have a problem with choosing a pet. Not all dogs are capable of living in an apartment. But are Corgis good apartment dogs?

Corgis are great dogs for apartment living. They are small and social enough to fit in any apartment size. But Corgis have their requirements that need to be met before living in an apartment. Having windows to look out of due to their watchdog nature is a good start. There are a few other things.

Key Takeaways

  • Corgis are considered to be great apartment dogs.
  • The Corgi is friendly, intelligent, and small enough to fit in any apartment.
  • Most apartments have a dog size limit of 30 pounds, which Corgis don’t reach.
  • All Corgis need at least 1 hour of daily exercise, split into two or more sessions.
  • Loud barking and shedding are two traits of the Corgis not fit for apartments.
  • Corgis can be left alone for around 8-10 hours.

Are Corgis Good Inside Pets?

Corgis make great pets to keep inside your home. They have a friendly temperament that makes bringing home new people a breeze. They are highly intelligent and they have small enough size to fit in any apartment. But let us look at these characteristics more thoroughly.

Friendly Personality

The Corgi temperament is being friendly and social with everyone. This means that you won’t have a problem with having guests over. They will likely enjoy the company and meeting new people to play with. Corgis get along with other dogs in the house, so having another pet won’t be a problem. That said, every dog is an individual so some will be less friendly than others.

High Intelligence

Raising a Corgi in an apartment is easier because Corgis are intelligent dogs. This makes them easy to train and prevents any mistakes to happen. Training your dog from an early age that getting out of the apartment is not allowed will go a long way to keeping it safe. That said, Corgis are naturally watchful dogs so having windows they can peek out of is important.

Small Size

Another great perk of the Corgis is their small size. Corgis have short legs that keep them short and close to the ground. With a height of 10-12 inches and a weight of up to 30 pounds, these dogs can fit in any sized apartment. Some apartments have rules of how big your dog can be to live there with 30 pounds being the limit.

Do Corgis Make Good Apartment Dogs?

Corgis make great apartment dogs because of many positive traits. But there are a few traits that you should be aware of before getting a Corgi as a pet.

Physical And Mental Stimulation Needs

Even though Corgis are a small dog breed, they still need a lot of exercise in their day. This is due to their herding dog history. On average, Corgis need 1 hour of exercise every day. This can be split into two or more sessions throughout the day.

Corgis need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. If you want your Corgi to be calm you need to plan out your exercises. You can take your Corgi on a walk to the dog park, hike, swim, or play some game like fetch. The main point is to drain it of its energy so it stays calm.

Besides physical stimulation, mental stimulation is also important. Getting a puzzle dog toy or training the dog will help with this.

Barking Tendencies

Keeping Corgis in apartments might be a problem for the neighbors. This is because Corgis are notorious for being loud barkers. They also bark for long amounts of time.

Corgis can bark for all sorts of reasons. They are good watchdogs and want to look out the window for any intruders. If they notice anything out of the ordinary they will start barking to alert you.

Corgis also bark when they are bored. They get bored easily if they are not exercised and trained properly. Your Corgi will also bark when it’s playing with you so you should try getting it outside for playtime. Teaching your Corgi to be quiet is an important thing during its early years.

Shedding Problems

Corgis are shedding dogs so you should expect to find dead hairs all around your living space. Hidden mostly on the sofa, carpet, and clothes, the shedded hair will need regular cleaning. Because they shed so much, having Corgis in apartments with people that have allergies is not recommended.

To decrease the amount of shed hair, you should do a few things. Brushing the Corgi daily is a task you should never forget if you want your apartment to be clean. Corgis are very clean dogs and will often clean themselves. But bathing them is also important to do at least once in a month.

There are two periods you should expect the most shedding, spring and fall. This is because of the “coat blowing” process that happens naturally.

Can Corgis Be Left Alone?

An adult trained Corgi can be left home alone for 8-10 hours. Anything beyond that risks the dog becoming impatient and destructive. Of course, before you leave the dog alone you need to give it enough exercise. You need to do a few other things as well.


Can Corgis live in apartments? Yes, but the most important thing is to give them enough exercise to keep calm in it. As we mentioned above, around 1 hour of exercise is needed for the Corgi to be satisfied. If you decide to leave your Corgi alone, make sure to do some exercise before work and do a little more after work. This will alleviate your Corgi of the excess energy and you will also get to spend some time together.

Bathroom Brakes

If you decide to leave your Corgi alone for a long time, you need to think about its bathroom needs. While you go on the daily walk before you go to work, make sure to let your pup do its bussiness. Corgies can hold to go to the bathroom for around 5-6 hours.

When you finally leave it alone, have a few options to let it relieve itself if it needs to. Getting a portable fake grass for dog potty, or getting some pee pads can help.

Mental Stimulation

Corgis are good house dogs but they need to be mentally stimulated. They are intelligent high energy dogs so spending that energy on mental improvement is needed. When you are home, you can train your dog to spend that energy. Obedience training and teaching commands is the best way to stimulate the mind.

When you are leaving the dog alone for a longer time, you need to leave something so they can do this themselves. Getting them a puzzle toy and chewing treats is a great option.

Clean Apartment

To make sure that your pup is safe from hurting itself or destroying something in the home, you need to clean your apartment well. Storing loose shoes and other pricy items is a must if you want to keep them from your pup’s teeth. You can also get some covers for your furniture to keep it safe from your dog.

To keep your dog safe, make sure there is no glass bottles or glasses on the edge of tables that can be easily broken.  Corgis have naturally long tails if not docked, and can knock these bottles easily. You should also restrict access to areas like the balcony to prevent the dog from accidentally falling off.

Doggy Daycare

Can Corgis live in apartments? Yes, but they would live even better if they have good company. If you properly train and socialize your Corgi from a young age, it won’t have problems hanging out with other dogs and pets. Having another dog in your home will help to keep it company. You can also get a friend to visit your home during the day to check on the pup.

Another thing you can do is take your Corgi to a doggy daycare. Those are great places that allow your dog to meet new friends and spend its energy with them.

Get A Dog Crate And Groom Properly

If you need to prevent your dog from entering a certain area in your home, you should consider getting a dog crate. An indoor dog pen, or a dog gate separating that area can also work. This way, you will get to protect your valuables while letting your dog have its space.

Besides this, you should also make sure to properly groom your dog. Daily brushing and monthly bathing is a must if you want your apartment to remain clean after leaving your pup alone.

Corgi smiling

Final thoughts – Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

Corgis are small fluffy dogs that are great to have in your apartment. They are small enough to fit in any sized apartment. They are also very friendly so having people over will not be a problem. These dogs are also intelligent so training them is easy.

Before you get a Corgi as a pet for your apartment you need to know a few things first. They are very loud barkers and tend to bark for a lot of reasons. They shed a lot and need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to be healthy and content.

You can leave your Corgi alone for 8-10 hours every day. But first you need to give it enough exercise and bathroom time. You need to leave things for mental stimulation and clean your apartment. You can also take your Corgi to a doggy daycare where it will be amongst friends.


Are Corgis good with kids?

Corgis are good for apartments with kids because they are playful and social. But your Corgi needs to be properly trained and socialized first. If not, it might start acting bossy because of its herding tendencies.

How long can Corgis stay in crates?

You shouldn’t let your Corgi stay in a crate for more than 5 hours. Because Corgis need to get out for potty breaks and exercising, you should not keep it in too much.

Are Corgis high-maintenance dogs?

Corgis are good apartment dogs because they are considered to be low-maintenance dogs. Even though they still need some exercise and grooming, they won’t need too much maintenance by the owner.

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