A Complete Guide To The Intelligent Cowboy Corgi Dog

Many hybrid breeds were created in recent years. They are used to combine the positive traits of two pure breeds. One of those mixed breeds is the Cowboy Corgi.

The Cowboy Corgi is a mix between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and an Australian Cattle Dog. It is a very intelligent working dog that can fit any family. But there are many other positive and negative traits of this interesting new hybrid breed.

History Of The Cowboy Corgi

This mixed breed has a short history as it is a relatively new breed. But its parent breeds have a long and rich history.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi originates from Pembrokeshire, Wales. It has existed for a long time, with documents dating from the far 12th century. The purpose of the dog was to work as a herding dog. An interesting Corgi fact is that this dog was popularized by Queen Elizabeth II who loved the breed. These Corgis were officially accepted by the AKC in 1934.

The Australian Cattle Dog also called the Blue Heeler is a dog that originates from Australia. Its history begins around the 1800s when the British traveled to the Australian continent and brought the Smithfield Sheepdog with them. They wanted a dog that can herd cattle so they mixed this dog with the native Dingo. The dog was accepted by the AKC in 1980.

Appearance – Corgi With A Fun Mix Of Colors

The Cowboy Corgi breed will look more like a Corgi, or more like an Aussie Cattle Dog, depending on the inherited genes. That said, some traits are commonly noticed in the mix.

The dog usually has a strong and muscular body in the shape of a barrel. Corgis have short legs, so this mix might also inherit them. It might also inherit the docked Corgi tail. Its coat and colors are more affected by the Australian Cattle Dog genes. This dog usually has pointy ears pointed upwards and medium-sized oval eyes.

How Big Do Cowboy Corgis Get?

These dogs will have a variable size, depending on their genes. The size will vary between the two parent breeds. On average, these dogs have a height of 13-20 inches and a weight of 26-40 pounds.

Coat And Color

Both parent breeds have a short double coat, with the Australian Cattle Dog being described as more smooth. So this dog will also have a double coat made from a dense undercoat and a longer top coat. It is perfectly designed to keep these dogs warm.

The coat colors of the mix usually come from the Australian parent. Its coat will come in blue, red, fawn, sable, or white. This is usually mixed with different patches or patterns. The dog can have tri-colored, merle, spotted, or other patterns.

Temperament – An Intelligent Dog Made For Herding

The Cowboy Corgi temperament is a combination of both parent breeds. These dogs are very intelligent due to the inherited genes from both working dogs. Because of that, these dogs will also be very energetic and lively.

Their intelligence is countered by their stubborn streaks, which will require some persistence and patience from the owner. These dogs are also very affectionate, loyal, and attention-seeking. Leaving them alone for too long will lead to separation anxiety.

They really get along with children, but should be supervised as they have a knack for nipping the feet and acting bossy. They make for great guard dogs because they are vigilant and wary of strangers. But they will get along with any person or dog if socialized properly.

Taking Care Of A Cowboy Corgi

Caring for this Corgi will require all the things needed to keep a dog healthy and happy. This means regular health checks, proper nutrition, exercise, training, and grooming.

Lifespan And Health

Pembroke Corgis live for 12-13 years, while the lifespan of Blue Heelers is 12-16 years long. Their mixed breed has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. It is a healthy mix, but there are some health issues it might face during its life.

  • Hip dysplasia – This is a musculoskeletal disease common in both parent breeds. It causes a misalignment in the ball and socket joints of the hips. Due to the pain in the joint, the dog will limp and have problems going up the stairs.
  • Deafness – This is a disease common in Australian Cattle Dogs. It can begin from birth, or it can be caused by trauma or infections. Dogs with deafness will not respond to sounds and might develop an unusual voice and start barking excessively.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy – This is an eye disease common in both parent breeds. The retinal cells degenerate over time and lose their function. The dog will start losing its night vision first and then will develop total blindness.


The Corgi Blue Heeler mix varies in size but it is usually a medium-sized dog. It is also a very active dog, so it will need enough food to cover the expense of energy. On average, this dog will need around 3 cups of dog food every day. This should be split into 3 meals during the whole day. These dogs are also prone to overeating and obesity, so you need to be careful with the amount of food and treats you give.

The dog food should be of high quality and from a reliable company. It should contain a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids. It should be low in grains and artificial ingredients. Supplements will also help the nutrition. Fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine are great to have in addition to the food.


The Corgi Heeler mix is a highly shedding dog due to its double coat. You should brush its coat daily for around 20 minutes to keep it clean and decrease shedding. The dog should also be bathed once every month to keep it clean. Bathing too often will lead to overbathing and damaging the coat. Make sure you use a special shampoo made for dogs. Using a regular human shampoo will irritate and damage the skin.

After the bath, the dog should have its ears checked and cleaned. Its ears should be cleaned between baths too, to prevent any infections. The dog should also get its nails clipped and teeth brushed regularly.

Exercise And Training

The Blue Heeler and Corgi mix is a high-energy dog bred for working. A Corgi needs 1 hour of exercise, and an Aussie Cattle Dog needs 2 in the day. Their mixed puppy will need around 1-2 hours of exercise, depending on its size and activity. This should be split into more sessions during the day. Mental stimulation is as important as the usual walk to the park and running sessions.

Training the dog will also be important. Its intelligence allows the dog to learn a lot of commands. However, it can get stubborn, so the owner needs to be patient and persistent. Socialization and obedience training should start from an early age. Positive reinforcement can help, but you should be careful with how much treats you give.

Getting Cowboy Corgi Puppies

If you like these interesting hybrid Corgi pups and want to get them for yourself, you should try contacting a breeder or a rescue shelter. Avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills at all costs.

Where To Buy One

Usually, designer dogs are more expensive than purebred dogs. Some need special conditions to breed, and most breeders don’t specialize in mixed dogs. But, these mixed puppies are not as expensive as other crossbreeds. The average price for Cowboy Corgis is around $500-$1500.

When finding a breeder, you should do your research well. They should give you all the needed information on the breed and all the documents and medical records. You can also ask to visit the kennel and see if the parent breeds have any genetic diseases. 

Where To Adopt One

You might be able to find a full grown Cowboy Corgi at a local rescue shelter. These shelters house all kinds of dogs, and usually have different mixed breeds left by their owners. The dogs at these shelters are not always puppies, and some can even be older.

Getting a dog from a shelter will cost you much less than getting one from a breeder. These dogs are also vaccinated, so you won’t have to spend any money on medical costs. There are no shelters specializing in Cowboy Corgis, but you can find shelters for both parent breeds.

Is The Cowboy Corgi The Perfect Dog For You?

Cowboy Corgies are mixed breeds made by breeding a Pembroke Welsh Chorgi with an Australian Cattle Dog. Having the genes, from two herding dogs, this mix can also be used to herd animals.

It has the intelligence and stubbornness of both parent breeds. Training the dog is easy if the owner is persistent. It is an affectionate and friendly mix, being a great family dog. It gets along with young children perfectly, but it can get bossy and start nipping at their feet.

The price of the dog is not as big as it is for other designer dogs. If you find that this mixed dog breed is the right one for you, you can contact breeders or rescue shelters and get one for yourself.


Are Cowboy Corgis rare?

The Corgi Heeler dog is not as rare as other designer dogs. This is good because the price of this mix is cheaper compared to some rare mixes. But you will still need thourough research to find the right breeder.

Do Kennel Clubs recognize Cowboy Corgis?

Because they are a mixed breed, these dogs are not accepted by any Kennel Clubs. You can try registering the dog at the Designer Breed Registry. You can also enroll it at the AKC’s Canine Partners Program.

What are the 2 breeds of Corgis?

The two accepted types of Corgi are the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Cardigans are slightly larger and calmer than the Pembrokes. The Pembroke is the one that takes part in making a Cowboy Corgi.

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