How To Deal With Pitbull Shedding? Is It A Big Problem?

Pitbulls are known for their courage and strength and have filled many families with love. But owners of this dog have also noticed their Pitbull Shedding.

Even though Pitbulls have short fur coats, they still shed all throughout the year. They are considered to be moderate shedders compared to other dog breeds. But there are things you can do to decrease this shedding.

The Pitbull Coat

American Pitbull Terriers have single smooth coats with short coarse fur. Compared to dogs with double coats, they don’t have excessive shedding periods. But they still shed throughout the year.

The color of the coat is also essential. Pitbulls come in different colors including black, white, red, brindle, merle, and more. If you are worried about shedding, make sure to choose a Pitbull with a lighter coat. It will make less of a mess in your home.

Are Pitbulls Hypoallergenic?

Pitbulls are not considered to be hypoallergenic dogs. But no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Compared to the heavy shedding breeds, Pitbulls might give off fewer allergens and thus cause less of a reaction in allergic people.

Do Pitbulls Shed A Lot?

Pitbulls are considered to be moderate-shedding dogs. Their short fur coat sheds throughout the year. Some Pitbulls seem to shed more than others, but this is only because of the color of their coat. But there are some reasons that may increase shedding in these dogs.

These dogs also avoid the “coat-blowing” stages of shedding that double-coated dogs have. They have a single coat which might shed a bit more in the late spring, but it isn’t too noticeable.

Reasons For Pitbull Shedding

There are a few things that will increase shedding in your Pitbull. The reasons extend from stress and allergies to some serious health problems. 

Dehydration And Bad Diet

All dogs including Pitbulls need enough water throughout the day to stay healthy. On average, dogs need 1 ounce of water for every pound that they weigh, daily. If they don’t get enough water, they will suffer from dehydration. This can present with excess shedding but also with:

  • Loss of elasticity of their dry skin
  • Dry mouth and thick saliva
  • Increased panting
  • Nausea

Besides water, dogs also need proper food to stay healthy. If they don’t get enough food, or if it’s not of good quality, excess shedding will occur. Switching the diet will also cause this symptom.

Health Problems

There are some diseases that can increase the Pitbull shedding level. Health problems attacking the kidneys, the gastrointestinal tract, the immune system, and other systems can include excess shedding as a symptom. Usually, such diseases will also include other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, malaise, excessive barking, aggressiveness, etc.

Some hormonal health issues also cause excessive shedding. Pregnancy causes a hormonal disturbance in female Pitbulls leading to shedding. Hypothyroidism is another hormonal disturbance causing excess shedding. It also causes:

  • Weight gain
  • Cold intolerance
  • Lethargy
  • Slow heart rate
  • Thinning and balding on the coat

Stress And Anxiety

Even though Pitbulls look like tough dogs, they can still experience stress. And all that stress can cause their coats to shed more than usual.

One common cause of stress is separation anxiety. This condition develops when the dog is left alone for too long. It is accompanied by symptoms like:

Other stressful occurrences that cause a Pitbull shedding problem are loud noises, going to the vet, or having too many people in the home. Changing the daily routine will also cause stress.

Allergies And Parasites

Just like people, dogs can also develop allergies. Some common allergens include dust, plants, food, and insects. When your Pitbull is exposed to an allergen, you will notice some signs of an allergic reaction:

  • Excessive shedding
  • Itching of the skin
  • Red and inflamed patches on the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Runny eyes

Parasites are another common cause of excess shedding. These include fleas, mites, and ticks. They enter the coat and skin of the dog and bite it causing extreme itchiness and shedding. Sunburns can also be a factor that causes shedding.

How To Stop A Pitbull From Shedding

There are things you can do to reduce shedding. Some are as simple as a proper diet, and others need help from a vet or a groomer.

Daily Brushing

Proper brushing and grooming will be key to reducing shedding in your Pitbull. These dogs should be brushed at least once a week. Brushing them more often will also be okay. Just be careful you don’t brush too hard as it may hurt the skin.

Brushing the coat helps spread the natural oils to spread around the skin evenly. They will make the skin healthier and protect it.

Choosing a proper brush is also important. A de-shedding tool is not necessary for Pitbulls but can be useful. A simple pin brush or a soft bristle brush can also get the job done.

Proper Bathing

Another way to reduce shedding in Pitbulls is to bathe them regularly. Ideally, Pitbulls should be bathed once a month. Bathing it too often will strip its skin from its natural oils and lead to skin irritation and excess shedding. Bathing it too little will cause it to smell bad.

Whenever the pup gets dirty, think about how much time has passed since the last bath. If you can, replace the bath by wiping its coat with a wet wipe.

When bathing, make sure you use a special shampoo made for dogs. If needed, this can also be an anti-shedding shampoo. There are also special shampoos made for certain dog coats, like the one for the wiry hair Jack Russell.

Diet And Supplements

A good diet is crucial to maintaining healthy skin and coat. The average Pitbull will need around 2-3 cups of dog food every day. The food you give it should be of high quality. It should have more protein and fewer carbohydrates. It should also include the essential ingredients that maintain a healthy coat. Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids are known to benefit skin and coat health.

Some supplements can act as Pitbull shedding remedies. Fish oil is one of the most useful ones. Giving your dog valerian root will help reduce stress thus decreasing shedding.


Pitbulls are big and muscular dogs. They were bred to be active and developed a high energy level that needs spending throughout the day. If Pitbulls don’t get to exercise, they will become frustrated and destructive. This might lead to excessive shedding.

On average, a Pitbull will need around 1-2 hours of exercise every day. This can include simple tasks like walking, or more strenuous tasks like running and hiking. Playing games will also help spend energy while helping you bond. Because they are intelligent dogs, Pitbulls will also need some mental stimulation throughout the day.

Groomer And Vet Checkups

If your Pitbull suffers from excessive shedding, you should ask for help. A professional groomer will tell you if you make any mistakes grooming your pup. Maybe you are using the wrong shampoo or bathing too often. They can also just groom your Pitbull for you.

A veterinarian will help you with any questions you have about your pup. They will look for other symptoms accompanying the shedding to see if there is any illness present. They will also recommend proper dog food and give you care tips for your Pitbull.

Pitbull in the park

Final Thoughts About Pitbull Shedding

Pitbulls are known as big strong dogs that many people enjoy having in their families. But not many people know that Pitbulls shed. Even though they have short coats, Pitbulls still go through the shedding process all throughout the year.

Even though this is normal, some factors can make their shedding excessive. Malnutrition, dehydration, and stress are very common causes of excess shedding. Some skin conditions, hormone disturbances, and parasites can also be a cause.

To prevent excess shedding, you should brush and bathe your Pitbull properly. Giving it a proper diet, supplements and exercise will also help. In the end, you can always ask for help from a dog groomer or a vet.


Do Pitbulls shed in the summer?

Yes, Pitbulls shed all throughout the year. They have short coats that shed moderately compared to double-coated dogs. During spring and fall, you may notice the shedding increasing for a short time.

Do Pitbulls have hair or fur?

Pitbulls have fur coats. This is one of the reasons why these dogs shed more compared to other dogs. Breeds like Maltese and Poodles have hair and they tend to shed much less.

Are Pitbulls low maintenance?

Even though Pitbull shedding creates a bit of a mess, these dogs are considered to be low-maintenance. This is because they don’t require too much grooming compared to other shedding breeds.

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