Can Labradors Swim: How To Teach Your Lab To Swim

can labradors swim cover- lab on the beach

The hot summer days require some refreshing swimming in the home pool or close lake. If you want to take your Labrador with you, you might wonder “can Labradors swim?”. Labradors can swim. In fact, Labradors were bred as waterfowl retrievers, making them a specialist in swimming. With their webbed toes and water-resistant coats, they … Read more

Are Labradors Aggressive And How To Calm Them

labrador playing aggressively with another dog -are labradors aggressive cover

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. They are a friendly family dog breed that many people love. But are Labradors aggressive? Labradors are considered one of the least aggressive dog breeds. They are friendly and adapt easily to all situations. This makes them a great family dog breed to have at … Read more

Do Bulldogs Bark A Lot And How To Stop That Behavior

english bulldog lying in the grass

Bulldogs are big and intimidating dogs to the usual person especially when they start barking aggressively. But do Bulldogs bark a lot? Luckily, Bulldogs do not bark very much. They are quiet dogs and are known more for the grunting and snoring sounds they make. But in some situations, Bulldogs will start barking excessively. There … Read more

The Rottweiler Growl: What Is It And How To Deal With It?

a rottweiler puppy looking angry

Rottweilers are big and very protective dogs. But they are also very affectionate. Even if there are many owners of Rottweilers, some people fear the Rottweiler growl. Rottweilers growl because they want to express happiness, excitement, fear, pain, or because they are asserting dominance. It is essential to distinguish the sound of the growl and … Read more