Why Do Huskies Talk? Can You Talk To Them? [+Training Tips]

Huskies are popular dog breeds that are part of families all around the world. But all Husky owners know the curious way Husky talks to you when it wants to communicate something. So why do Huskies talk?

Huskies have developed a way of “talking” to humans. They just look at their owner and make sounds that sound familiar. A Husky can talk as a form of communication, to express love, or to alert you of danger, illness, or hunger. There are ways to train your Husky to say certain words.

Different Sounds Huskies Make

There are a few different sounds that you can hear your Siberian Husky making. Each of these has a role to communicate something specific to you.


Siberian Huskies have a noticeable wolf-like appearance, so howling is a very characteristic sound they make. This persistent and long tone might even give you the creeps.

Huskies howl because they are trying to show their location to anyone searching for them. This behavior was developed as a way for a Husky to contact its sled-pulling pack members so it doesn’t get lost in the Siberian snow.

You might hear your Husky howling at the TV if it is loud. It will also howl at loud sounds coming from emergency vehicles, or police sirens. It is just the way a Husky is.

Barking And Talking

Huskies are naturally high-energy dogs. They like to run around the house always chasing something or playing. This creates a lot of noise, especially if you live in an apartment.

The good thing is that Huskies don’t bark a lot. Sometimes if it gets overexcited it might start barking but that doesn’t last long. A bad thing is that Huskies might not even bark at intruders, and this is why Huskies are bad guard dogs.

Instead of a Husky barking, you are more likely to see a Husky yelling or talking. The “talking” is consisted of looking straight in the owner’s eyes and making sounds that sound like talking.

Yipping And Grumbling

Yipping is a very funny noise that a Husky might make. It is compared to the human “yay” or “woohoo”. This happy little noise is a result of your Husky getting excited when it plays with other dogs, humans, or its toys. Sometimes you might hear this sound when you are bringing food for the Husky.

Grumbling is another funny noise but happens for the opposite reasons. Huskies tend to grumble whenever you tell them to do something they don’t want to do. They are very stubborn dogs after all. So you will hear this sound if you tell your Husky to get off the bed and it simply doesn’t want to.

Screaming And Yelling

These types of noises are the most annoying type that your Siberian Husky will make. Even though it’s a rather quiet dog, the Husky becomes very loud once it starts yelling.

But why do Huskies scream? Huskies scream and yell because they are upset and want you to know that. It’s pretty much what a toddler does when it throws a tantrum. It’s usually combined with your Husky refusing to do something you tell it to do.

The sound can be described as high-pitched, long, and sometimes broken into syllables or combined with other noises. The good this is that not all Huskies scream, so if you train it right, you might have a quiet home after all.

Reasons Why Huskies Are Being Vocal

There are a few things that will cause your Husky to become vocal. These can be things you can control and things you can not control.


The number one reason for being a vocal Husky is communication. Husky communication is done as a way to send a message to the owner and express some needs. This is an adaptive behavior Huskies learned over the years by living with people.

Even though this “talking” is not understandable, Huskies will try to send you some messages. This can include getting your attention to something specific, the need to go to the potty, or just saying that it is hungry.

Reacting To Sounds

We know that dogs have an impeccable sense of smell and hearing. Dogs can hear sounds that humans can not hear. 

Because of this, Huskies will react to and mimic the sounds of sirens of fire trucks or police cars. They will also react to high-frequency sounds from dog whistles that you won’t be able to pick up. Your Husky will also react to a baby’s cry sound or the doorbell ringing. It might even react to a song played on the radio and try to imitate it.

Ancestral Behavior

Huskies talk because it is simply in their genes to do so. They are pack animals that used to travel in the snowy, misty areas of Siberia where they could easily get lost. So developing a knack for communication helped the pack dogs stay together at all times. 

Huskies also evolved with humans and are one of the oldest known pet dogs. So communication with humans is just a part of their DNA. This is a behavior that you can’t really change but you can train your Husky to be a bit less vocal.

Stress And Illness

Everyone gets stressed from time to time, and Huskies are not short of this. They are amazing family dogs that get very attached to their family, but this is also a problem. Huskies are prone to developing separation anxiety. So Huskies yell and act out whenever you leave them alone at home for a long time.

Another thing that will cause your Husky to be loud is health problems. If your Husky is in pain it will try to tell you so you can help it. If you notice any other symptoms, you should take it to the vet.

Confrontation And Frustration

Huskies are stubborn dogs and will get frustrated when you make them do something they don’t want to do. You know things will get dramatic whenever you try to get your Husky off the couch and into its dog bed. The good thing is that Huskies aren’t aggressive dogs so they won’t do angry sounds but more dramatic grumbling, whining, and crying.

You Husky will get frustrated during training. If you don’t give clear commands or don’t reward properly expect to get some angry Husky sounds.

Boredom And Hunger

Huskies want to hang out and play games, so if you don’t pay enough attention, they will get bored and vocal. And being loud is only the beginning, as the Husky might indulge in more destructive behavior like chewing or digging. Your Husky will try to get your attention and signal to you that it’s time to play. If you ignore it for too long, expect some very annoying behavior.

Huskies spend a lot of energy so they need a lot of food as well. If it gets too hungry, it will start asking for food by being vocal. Feed quality dog food like Pedigree or Purina to keep it healthy and happy.

Can You Stop The Husky From Vocalizing

There are some things you can do to decrease or stop your Siberian Husky from vocalizing. You just have to be patient.

Try To Understand What It Wants To Say

All Huskies talk but not all owners know the reason behind that behavior. Whenever your Husky starts vocalizing and doing all sorts of sounds, try to see what the reason behind that is. If it happens every day at the same time, maybe it is because it gets hungry or it needs to spend some energy. If it happens suddenly and lasts long, maybe it’s because of some illness. If it happens during the night, maybe it is alerting you to an intruder in your home. Whatever the reason may be, take some time to find the reason and react appropriately to your Husky’s needs.

Don’t Reinforce The Behavior

Reinforcing the behavior you don’t like and then getting mad because it happens more will just confuse your dog more. Whenever your Husky gets loud, and you get angry or react in a certain way, it might sense this as a way to get your attention. So be sure that it will try again sometime when it’s bored.

If you want to stop the weird Husky noises, try training it properly. Give clear commands to what your Husky should and shouldn’t do and be dominant when doing so. It will respect you more and it will know what not to do again.

Give Enough Exercise And Attention

Huskies are high-energy dogs and need around 2 hours of exercise every day. If you tire it out with enough fun and stimulating exercise, it will be quieter. Mental stimulation is important if you want to keep it smart and happy.

There are a few things we recommend doing. Schedule regular walks in the morning and evening for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. Get some fun toys for it to play around with. If you have a big yard, let it outside to play and run around. Consider getting a dog sitter or taking it to doggy daycare for it to have company throughout the day.

Use Training

Why do Huskies scream? Because no one has taught them not to. This is why you should properly train your dog. But you need a lot of time and patience to do so.

Determine what you want to teach your dog. Choose a word like “quiet” because it works best for keeping it quiet. Train the Husky with this same word every day. Expose it to triggers and every time it reacts to those triggers say “quiet” and interrupt it in the process. Use positive reinforcement and give treats every time it stops making sounds.

Ask For Help

If you simply don’t know how to help out your dog and you are still bothered by the sounds it makes, you need to ask for help. You can hire a professional dog trainer. Dog trainers know how to train the dog so it will react to commands to get quiet. The trainer will teach you how to calm down a whining Husky and even give you a few tricks. Just make sure to get a properly trained dog trainer with a checked record.

Sometimes the reason for the whining might be a health issue, so you can always check with your vet for help.

How To Train A Husky To Say Certain Words

You probably have come across some video that shows a Husky talking, and you wonder how to teach your Husky to talk as well. Huskies can’t really talk. They don’t understand our words and their meanings. But, they do know how to imitate certain sounds so they sound like our words. With sufficient training, you can teach your Husky to say “I love you”, or whatever else you want it to say. 

If you want to get your Huskies talking, you first need to do some basic training. Once the Husky knows basic commands, you can move on to this training. For its first word, try going for a simple sound like “yes” or “no”. Whenever your Husky tries to repeat that word, give it a treat and some praise. It will try even harder next time. This training can last for weeks, with some Huskies picking up the words faster than others. Whatever the case may be, you should always use positive reinforcement and be very patient.

Siberian Husky looking curiously

So Why Do Huskies Talk?

Huskies are great family dogs and many people are surprised to know that they can “talk”. This talking sound is made by combining all sorts of other sounds so they can mimic people talking.

Huskies are known for yelling, barking, howling, and grumbling, making them pretty loud dogs for some people. This loud vocalizing can happen for many reasons. The most common reason is the will to communicate something or react to sounds. Siberian Huskies have this behavior in their genes. They can also get loud because they are frustrated, bored, or hungry.

You should always try to understand what your Husky is telling you. It may be asking for more exercise or attention that you should always give. The cool thing is that you can even train your Husky to “talk” and mimic certain words.


When do Huskies start talking?

Husky puppies will start talking at the age of 4-8 weeks. It will start making simpler sounds, and develop more complex sounds once its vocal cords get more developed.

Do Huskies Understand Talking?

Even though Huskies can imitate sounds with great accuracy, they can’t actually understand what those words mean. That said, if you train your Husky properly, it will understand you when you tell it to “sit down”.

Why is your Husky always quiet?

We know why do Huskies talk, but why do some Huskies stay quiet? Well, probably it’s because of that Husky’s nature to be quieter. But some illnesses can cause a quiet Husky as well.

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