The Complete Guide To Using A Natural Dewormer for Dogs

Dogs often pick up things from the ground and expose themselves to developing parasite infestations. To help them, you need to find a way and deworm your dog.

Using a natural dewormer for dogs is an effective and safe way to help your dog. Pumpkin seeds and diatomaceous earth can help eliminate most of the dog’s intestinal parasites. But there are a few other great options.

What are the common types of worms that can affect dogs?

There are many types of worms that can infect dogs and cause severe problems. All of them require safe deworming methods for dogs.


These are the most common worms found in dogs. They have a spaghetti shape, being long and thin, with four inches long. These parasites get settled in the intestines and use the food the dog eats. The dog will experience diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss. Sometimes, the worms can also travel to the lungs and cause respiratory problems.

Sometimes puppies will be born with these worms already inside their intestines. This is because their mother might already have them and transfer the larvae with its milk.


These are thread-like worms, with long and thin bodies. On the one side, they are large, while on the other they are narrow, having a resemblance to a whip. They live in the beginning part of the large intestine and lay eggs that are often microscopic. They also bite the wall of the intestines and feed on the dog’s blood.

Dogs can get infected from this parasite by ingesting these eggs. Usually, the eggs are found in the soil and come there once an infected dog poops on it.


Safe pet deworming is also required for hookworm infestation in dogs. These are small worms with a thread-like body that lives in the small intestine. They live by attaching themselves to the intestinal walls with their hooks and feeding on the blood. This causes blood loss in dogs and eventually leads to anemia.

Dogs can contract these worms by being in contact with the soil or by getting the parasite from their mothers’ milk. 


These worms are long, flat, and segmented, taking the form of tape, hence the name. They are around 6 inches long and attach themselves to the intestines with their hooked mouths. Dogs usually get these worms by eating fleas that carry tapeworm eggs.

You can notice that your dog has a tapeworm infection if you carefully observe its poop. You can see the shed segments of the worm that look like small grains of rice. These can also be seen in the dog’s fur near its anus. These small grains may also seem like they move slightly.

What are the advantages of using natural dewormers for your dog?

Deworming means getting rid of these parasitic worms from your dog’s intestines. Natural deworming methods offer a holistic approach that treats the root cause rather than just the symptoms. Conventional treatments might be a quick fix, but they can also come with risks. Natural treatments, however, aim to restore balance in your dog’s system, ensuring a healthy gut and a happy tail. And there are a few different options for you.

What dietary adjustments can you make?

The best way of deworming dogs at home is by providing a healthy diet. The food you give dogs should be low in grain and high in protein. A healthy diet helps improve the immune system of dogs. Include a lot of different vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals. This causes the natural IgE antibodies to work better at killing the worms themselves.

How can garlic be used as a potent anti-parasitic ingredient?

This pungent bulb contains compounds that parasites simply can’t stand. “As expected, the phytochemical analysis of the garlic extract showed the presence of sulfur compounds, such as allicin and ajoene, to which the biological activity of garlic has been attributed”, say Dr. Sonja Krstin et al. in their study on the anti-parasitic activities of garlic.

Because it can also be toxic to dogs, you need to give measured amounts so it stays effective. Make sure to use chopped, raw, and organic garlic that sits out for 10-15 minutes before ingestion. This helps the treatment substance called allicin activate so it can kill the worms upon contact. 

What role do pumpkin seeds play in eliminating worms?

Pumpkin seeds are great organic dog deworming options. These seeds contain an amino acid by the name of cucurbitin. This acid causes the worms to paralyze and leave the system along the digestive tract.

There are a few ways to give this treatment to your dog. You must always use the raw and not the salted kind. Then, you can give them as whole, chopped, or blended. Pumpkin itself is also great for dog diarrhea

Why is turmeric beneficial for promoting gut health and deworming?

This delicious spice is not only made for curry, it also has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties. By fighting against inflammation, it will reduce the pain and irritation in the digestive system, reducing symptoms. It is also known to cleanse the liver and remove toxins left by the body of the worm.

Unfortunately, dogs are not great at digesting this spice. That’s why proper preparation and mixing with healthy oils can help.

Which herbal remedies for dog worms should you try?

Thyme is one herb that is known to be very effective for hookworms. It is best used fresh or dried. Parsley is another great dewormer that should be cooked and frozen into ice cubes.

Olive leaf has a substance called oleuropein, which helps to get the parasites out of the intestines. Chamomile is another great option for dealing with roundworms and whipworms. It also helps with digestive issues and bloating.

What other treatments should you try?

Wormwood is an often recommended treatment for worms, but it is also known to be dangerous for dogs in high amounts. It should be avoided for dogs with seizures and kidney problems.

Some people recommend giving rabbit ears with fur as they also offer a lot of fiber.

Kefir is another great option, usually one made of coconut or goat milk. You can also use apple cider vinegar as a dewormer.

How to prevent worm infestations?

Besides finding effective worm treatment for dogs, you should also look into worm prevention and pet parasite control. Maintaining a clean living environment and practicing good hygiene habits can significantly reduce the risk of your pup picking up unwanted guests. 

Make sure to keep your home clean and remove all fecal matter from the home and the yard. This is especially important if you have more than one pet in your home. You can get special artificial grass for your dog to go potty on. Keep pests like mice and rats out of your home. Don’t let your dog drink water from any place you deem unsafe. Visit your vet regularly to have checkups for your pup. Make sure it has an annual dog fecal exam.

Balancing the scales: Natural vs. Conventional

The benefits of natural deworming for dogs are decreased chemical exposure and the potential for resistance. Most natural substances also provide additional benefits for the dog. They are also environmentally friendly as they don’t require manufacturing. That said, natural dewormers are not always scientifically validated. Their effects might not be as good or quick, and the doses are not exactly known.

There are a few known conventional medications for dog worms. These include Pyrantel Pamoate, Praziquantel, Fenbendazole, and others. These medications are scientifically proven, their doses are known, and their results can be quick. The problem is that they contain some synthetic ingredients that can cause adverse reactions. The worms can also develop a resistance to these medications. Also, manufacturing these medications is not environmentally friendly. Doctors should always be involved in deciding the dosage of these medications. Dr. Jozef Vercruysse and Dr. Edwin Claerebout for the MSD Veterinary Manual say that:

Any decrease or increase of the recommended dose rate must always be discouraged. Underdosing is likely to result in lowered efficacy and possibly increased pressure for development of resistance. Overdosing may result in toxicity without necessarily increasing product efficacy.

So should you use a natural dewormer for dogs?

Intestinal parasitic worms like hookworms and roundworms are terrible little creatures that can harm your dog. Luckily, there are great ways to get rid of them with some safe and homemade medications.

Many herbs like camomile and thyme are known to kill these worms while easing digestive issues. Including pumpkin seeds, garlic, or turmeric in your dog’s diet is also very beneficial. You just have to get the doses right and give them at the right time.

If you feel like natural medications are not enough, or your dog keeps getting worse, you should ask your vet for conventional treatment. There are some great medications that will surely help your dog.


Are natural deworming methods safe for puppies?

Yes, many natural deworming methods are safe for puppies. But you should really be careful when using them. The doses are usually lower than the ones you would use for adult dogs.

How often should I administer natural deworming remedies?

The length of therapy will depend on the type of natural dewormer for dogs you use. It can also vary on the type of dog you’re using it on. A vet will suggest the best way to use this medication for your dog.

What happens if you don’t deworm your dog?

Not reacting on time can lead to your dog getting worse and developing digestive and respiratory issues. If puppies are infected and not dewormed, their growth can be stunted. Dogs can also transfer these bugs to their owners.

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