How To Walk Two Dogs At Once? – Something To Have In Mind

Walking and caring for one dog is challenging enough. But there are owners that have more than one dog. So you might be wondering how to walk two dogs at once without any problems.

In order to walk two dogs together, you will need a solid plan and trust that they will get along. Using a proper leash and having treats on hand are also important. But there are a few other things to keep in mind.

Why Dogs Are Challenging To Walk

Dogs are energetic and playful creatures and one of their favourite times of the day is the walk. So it is no surprise they get excited and sometimes make the walk a challenge for their owners. Some dogs will pull on the leash or lock their attention on a random cat on the street.

Walking two dogs at the same time will be even harder. Just imagine having two dogs pulling in two different directions. This will be an even more challenging task if you have stubborn dogs like the Bulldog. Exercise and mental stimulation are important for dogs that will walk together.

What Is The Best Way To Walk Two Dogs At Once?

The best way to take two dogs on the same walk is to create a good plan beforehand. Treats and good practice can do wonders. If it feels too challenging to you, ask someone to help you walk the second dog. But there are other things you can try.

Plan Ahead

A good plan ensures nothing goes wrong while doing the walk. Plan where exactly your destination is and what route is least likely to have distractions for your dogs. Big traffic jams and neighboring dogs are common distractions to know about.

Plan where the dogs go near you. Will you have them on the same side, or split them on opposite sides? Pack up some food and water to be ready and clothe them appropriately if it’s too cold outside. Also, learn the proper dog park etiquette before taking them there.

Decide If The Dogs Fit Well Together

Walking multiple dogs simultaneously will only be possible if the dogs get along. This will largely depend on the breeds of the dogs. For example, Corgis get along great with other dogs if trained and socialized properly. Some dogs like the Husky can easily start running off after something and create a problem for the other dog. Use puppy socialization techniques to make them get along better.

The health of the dogs is also important. If one of them is anxious, the other one may also become stressed and create tension.

Ask A Friend For Help

If you can’t deal with the dogs yourself, the best option would be to get help from a friend or family. Split up so that you walk one dog, and your family member walks the other dog. Walking two dogs with one hand can be tough, so having someone to help you will do wonders.

Also, avoid meeting with other dogs when you are on your walk. If you see a friend with their dog, keep your distance and greet them from there.

Use Treats And Positive Reinforcement

If you are walking two dogs together, you need to have some treats in you to award them for being good dogs. If they are being obedient and walk nicely without distraction, give them a lot of praise and feedback. 

If you feel very happy with their behavior, stop for a second and give them a nice treat. A tasty treat will also take away their attention if there is a distraction imminent. Giving treats and positive feedback will ensure the dogs will behave in future walks.

Check Your Emotions And Practice

You have to be calm and assertive during dual dog walking. If your dogs don’t listen to you and misbehave, keep your cool and focus on the task at hand.

The best way to get both dogs to cooperate during the walk is to practice. You can begin by practicing at home in a big yard or a large space inside. Walk the dogs in a short distance and pay attention to the dog’s behavior. Once you are comfortable, take the dogs outside for shorter walks until longer walks are possible.

Keep The Dogs Close

Having the two dogs close to you will give you more control of their actions. If you feel they are getting distracted by something, tighten the grip and revert their attention to the other side. Being close to you, the dogs can also hear and see your command clearly.

If the dogs are larger, having them near you will also help with managing their weight. For example, Blue Heelers are moderately big dogs and have a strong pull. But larger dogs like Great Danes pull even harder.

If you can’t seem to find any way to walk both dogs, you should walk your dogs separately. Take some time to train each dog separately, do some pet bonding activities, and then try again to walk them both together.

What Tool To Walk Multiple Dogs?

The best tool made for walking two dogs with one hand is a dual dog leash or a leash coupler. It allows you to walk two dogs while preventing tangling and improving the leash manners of the dogs. But there are other ways to walk two dogs.

Leash couplers are essentially two short leads attached to each dog’s collar, that attach to one leash in the back. Some dogs despise these leashes as their movements are restricted. We wouldn’t recommend a double leash for large dogs and small dogs walking together due to the size difference.

Some dog owners choose to walk both dogs on separate leashes. This poses a risk of creating an entanglement between the two leashes. Different people use different leash walking techniques.

How To Hold The Leash?

Walking two dogs at the same time will be made easier if you properly hold the leash. It will help you control your dogs better and prevents you from yanking on their neck. Holding the leash in one hand leaves you with a free hand to give treats or carry stuff you need. It also helps you balance the leashes better. However, some people find it hard to do it with one hand and go for two. 

How Do You Teach A Dog To Walk With Another Dog?

Whenever you begin training your dogs to walk together, you need to start slowly and be patient. Start by walking short distances and notice if they are as good-mannered as they are when walking alone. Then you can utilize some other techniques.

It will be beneficial if you’ve taught all the basic commands to both dogs. Try alternating between walking them on a loose leash and heeling. Heeling is more useful in distracting environments.

One arising problem is when one dog thinks you’re talking to the other dog instead of itself. Both dogs will take some time to get accustomed to the new way of walking.

Will Walking Dogs Together Help Them Get Along?

Walking two dogs side-by-side is an essential part of developing their bond and preventing fights. This helps reduce their energy, thus reducing their will to fight. It also helps socialize them and promote teamwork. There are other health benefits of dog walking.

Two leashed dogs play-fighting on the street

So How To Walk Two Dogs At Once?

Dogs are loyal and friendly creatures that love being around their owners. But sometimes owners have more than one dog and it’s not always easy getting them to get along. This can make walking the dogs challenging.

To walk the dogs properly and without any complications, you need to establish a good plan. See if the dogs fit together by their breed and temperament and practice at home first before going outside. Calm your emotions, get proper treats, and keep the dogs close when walking.

Getting a leash coupler for two dogs will make things easier. In time, the dogs will learn to get along together. If they don’t the best decision would be to walk them separately, or ask a friend for help.


Why do dogs love to pull so much?

Dogs will pull during a walk because they have a faster pace than humans. Some dogs will also not be patient enough to wait for their human and want to reach their destination faster.

How Long Does it Take for Two Dogs to Get Used to Each Other?

It takes around one month for two dogs to get to know each other and used to living together. For some dogs, this can take less or more time. By then, try learning how to walk two dogs at once.

How many dogs should a dog walker have?

According to RSPCA Guidelines, it is recommended that a professional dog walker has a maximum of four dogs at all times. This reduces the chances of infections spreading amongst the dogs.

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