Can Dogs Eat Cream of Chicken Soup? Guide and Recipe Tips

Every responsible dog owner tried to make the best and most nutritious food choices for their furry friend. Sometimes, you can even include different kinds of soup. But can dogs eat cream of chicken soup, or is it dangerous for them?

Dogs should not eat cream of chicken soup. It often contains ingredients like onions, garlic, and seasoning, which can be toxic to dogs. Instead, stick to a balanced diet specially formulated for them. There are some great alternatives you can try out.

What are the key ingredients found in cream of chicken soup?

The base ingredient of chicken soup is chicken meat which should be cooked well. Besides the meat, chicken stock is also included. This is made from boiling chicken bones and cartilage. Flour and starch are added as a thickening agent. Dogs can have cornstarch, so this is one of the safe ingredients.

Vegetable oil and salt are added for enchanting the texture and taste of the soup. Cream is another key ingredient, giving a more likable taste to the soup. Some people like to add garlic and onions. And they can be very bad for dogs.

What are the risks of feeding cream of chicken soup to dogs?

There are a few reasons why this delicious dish can be very problematic to dogs and should not be given.

Lactose intolerance

Milk or cream is used in the making of this soup, and they contain lactose. Most dogs are not able to digest lactose and suffer from diarrhea whenever they do ingest it.

Dr. Yanyong Deng et al., in their study regarding lactose intolerance, explain that:

The term lactose intolerance is defined by patient reports of abdominal pain, bloating, borborygmi, and diarrhea induced by lactose. Less often it can present with nausea or constipation and a range of systemic symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration, muscle and joint pain, mouth ulcers, and urinary difficulties


This dangerous condition is caused by the high amounts of fat found in this dish. Dogs that suffer from it will experience severe abdominal pain, lethargy, fever, and a loss of appetite. It can even lead to death if not addressed and treated on time.

Weight gain and obesity

Cream of chicken soup is filled with lots of ingredients that have a high caloric value. Giving caloric foods will cause dogs to go over their recommended caloric intake. So they will start gaining weight. In no time, your dog might become really obese and suffer from additional obesity-related problems.

Sodium poisoning

Cream of chicken soup is not safe for dogs to eat due to the high amounts of salt it possesses. “Excess salt intake in dogs results in vomiting within several hours after ingestion. Clinical signs can progress to weakness, diarrhea, muscle tremors, and seizures.”, says Dr. Larry J. Thompson for the MSD Veterinary Manual.


There are some chicken soups that contain garlic and onion. These vegetables are a part of the Allium family that is highly toxic to dogs because they can cause the destruction of red blood cells. One bite might be enough to cause serious problems. Because it is a serious situation, contacting the Animal Poison Control should be your priority.

Is cream of chicken soup nutritious for canines?

Even though it can pose a lot of dangers, dogs can benefit from eating this soup. For one, the high amounts of protein in chicken meat are great for maintaining strong muscles. Chondroitin and glucosamine are part of the chicken stock and their job is to keep the joints healthy.

Soup also provides hydration and warmth. That makes it perfect for the cold winter days. Besides that, a lot of vitamins and minerals can be found in it as well. All that said, it is not worth feeding cream of chicken soup to dogs and exposing them to dangers as there are better ways to get all of these nutrients.

What are the alternatives to cream of chicken soup for dogs?

Because some soups can be beneficial to dogs, there are a few options you can try. For one, don’t offer any cream soups or canned soups to dogs as they pose the same dangers as cream chicken soup. Mushroom soup is also not recommended for dogs.

A good soup option for dogs is just plain soup that has well-cooked meat and vegetables. Dogs don’t need to have any spices or creams added to experience the taste. Plain bone broth is another great option if you want to keep your dog’s joints healthy.

There are also great options if you want to feed your dog something creamy. Coconut milk is one healthy and creamy choice. Then greek yogurt, cashew cream, and vegetable puree can be used as great substitutes. All of these foods taste great, have a nice texture, and also contain essential nutrients for dogs.

Can you make your own version of the creamy chicken soup?

If you still want to, there is a way to cook a dog-friendly cream of chicken soup for your furry friend. To prepare this dish, start by simmering a small number of chicken breasts in water until they are thoroughly cooked. You can ensure they are done by testing with a kitchen thermometer. 

Afterward, take the chicken out of the water and add in diced vegetables. Remember to opt for safe vegetables such as carrots, peas, celery, and spinach. Wait until they become soft and chewy. When cooked well, remove the soup from the stove and give it to your dog.

You can also choose to blend the food to get a creamy texture. Then serve the soup along with the chicken you boiled earlier.

How can you safely share human food with your dog?

If you want to introduce new foods to your dog, you need to start slowly and carefully. Give it in small amounts and see if your dog shows any side effects. If not, then you can start adding bigger amounts to its diet. There are dogs that benefit a lot from eating cooked food rather than the usual dog food kibble. But then there are those that are more used to the classic kibble diet.

To not make any mistakes, you can always contact your veterinarian or an expert on pet nutrition and safety. They will inform you of all the foods that can harm your dog. There are lists of foods toxic to dogs available online that will give you an idea of what you should avoid.

So can dogs eat cream of chicken soup?

Chicken soup is a delicious dish that contains very beneficial ingredients. However, this food can be harmful to dogs if not made properly. Cream of chicken soup contains a lot of salt, oil, and spices that are toxic to dogs.

Sometimes people also add garlic and onion which can cause a dangerous intoxication. Besides these, the cream itself is very fatty and can cause complications like pancreatitis and obesity.

It is best to avoid giving this food to dogs completely. Luckily, there are some dog-friendly soup recipes that you can try to make on your own. Just make sure to use ingredients that are proven to be safe for dogs.


Can you give a sick dog chicken soup?

Yes, chicken soup will be a great addition to the diet of a sick dog. It is great for hydration as well as providing much-needed vitamins and minerals. It is also great for digestion.

What are the benefits of homemade dog food?

Homemade dog food allows you to control the ingredients, ensuring they are safe and tailored to your dog’s needs. Just make sure you are cooking it according to your dog’s needs and not as your own.

Is pumpkin soup puree good for dogs?

Dogs can not eat cream of chicken soup, but the creamy pumpkin puree is very beneficial to them. Pumpkin helps dogs with diarrhea as it contains a lot of fiber. And it is also filled with additional nutrients.

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