How Fast Can Beagles Run? How To Make It Run Faster?

Beagles are cute dogs that seem great to cuddle with. But they are very athletic dogs and require an owner who likes to be active. But how fast can Beagles run?

On average, a Beagle can run around 20 miles per hour (or 3.2 km/hour). This is different for every individual Beagle as some can run faster than others. Factors like age, weight, and body structure will affect this speed. But there are ways to train your Beagle to run faster.

Short Introduction To The Beagle

Beagles start their origins in 16th century England where they were used as hunting dogs. The English nobility used them for their impeccable sense of smell. They were sent out to sniff out small prey like rabbits and help the Englishmen gun down the prey. Therefore they received the title “gun dogs”.

The Beagles were then brought to America in the 1800s. They were officially accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1885 and since then have become one of the most popular dogs in the world.

How Fast Can Beagles Run?

Because Beagles have a history of hunting and a knack for chasing scents, they developed the ability to run very fast. An average Beagle will run around 20 miles per hour. Compared to humans which run 8.5 miles per hour, this seems really fast. Of course, some Beagles will run faster than others and this is dependent on a lot of factors.

Factors That Affect Beagle Running Speed

There are a few things that affect the Beagles and their running speed. Thus, not all Beagles will be able to run at the same amount of speed.

Age, Weight, And Breed

Just like people, Beagles that are younger and healthier, are better equipped to run faster than older Beagles who have health problems. 

Understandably, heavier dogs will be slower than their lighter counterparts. That said, if the dog doesn’t get enough nutritious food, it won’t have the energy and build to maintain a high running pace.

Their speed also depends on what they were bred for. Certain breeds of Beagles are specifically bred to run fast so they will be faster than ones bred as pets for lazier homes.

Terrain And Weather

Another thing that affects the Beagle running speed is the terrain and weather. If you are testing your Beagle for how long it can run, you should be careful on what terrain you send it running. A Beagle will run faster on a softer, grassier surface compared to a hard concrete one.

The weather can also affect its running speed. The Beagle will run better in cooler weather compared to a hotter one.

Aerodynamic Body, Paws, And Shoulders

The Beagle has a body meant for running. It has a long and slender body which creates less drag as the dog runs and cuts through the air.

It can possess a disconnected shoulder bone that allows for a more significant stride length. Its paws are covered with thick buffers that give a solid hold on any surface. They also provide more surface area to push against the ground. Make sure to always trim your dog’s nails cause they may cause injuries while running.

Legs, Tail, Respiratory, And Cardiovascular System

Running Beagles benefit from having long and muscular legs that can maintain their high speeds. Their tail acts as a rudder which helps them change direction quickly and easily while running.

Besides their outward appearance, Beagles have their inner organs ready for high running speeds. They have a powerful heart that pumps blood fast and allows them to keep up.  They also have good lung capacity and nostrils which allow fast air intake while running. This provides the muscles with enough oxygen to keep up.

How To Make Your Beagle Run Faster

There are a few things you can do to make your Beagle run faster. These include better training, diet, and health.


In order to keep up with its running shape, your Beagle needs to be exercised regularly. On average, A Beagle will need around 1 hour of exercise daily. You can split this into two longer walks that last around half an hour. Make sure to do some intense cardio sessions at least once a week to improve its running speed.


If you want to have your Beagle running faster, you need to feed it a proper diet. This means that the food should be high in protein and low in fats. Always give food that is from a known company like Pedigree or Purina. Make sure the dog food contains no artificial ingredients. It should contain enough vitamins, minerals, and fish oil for healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Weight Training And Agility Club

To help your Beagle build muscle and therefore improve its running speed, you need to do some weight training. Weight pulling is a great exercise to do by attaching some weight to your dog and letting it pull. Of course, always start with smaller weights and increase from there. You can also enroll your Beagle in an agility club to practice its agility skills.


A healthy dog is a fast dog and will have more energy and stamina to endure higher speeds. If your Beagle gets sick, you will notice that it can’t run as fast as usual. Because of that, always pay attention to any symptom that it shows. Make sure to take your Beagle to the vet regularly for checkups. Once a year would be enough to prevent any serious diseases.

Can Beagles Run Long Distances?

We know that Beagles can run fast but are Beagles good running dogs when it comes to running long distances? Well, not really. Even though Beagles are very fast and athletic, they are better at running fast for short distances. They don’t have enough stamina to go run fast for a long time.

On average, a Beagle will run around 3 miles before getting fatigued. This, of course, varies for every individual dog with some running for 4 miles and some only running for 1 or 2 miles. You can try to train your Beagle to run for longer, but you should be aware of the signs of exhaustion.

Signs Of Over Exhaustion

Whenever you take your Beagle out for running, you need to be aware of the signs of exhaustion. These include:

  • Fatigue and sluggishness
  • Excessive panting
  • Sweating and signs of dehydration
  • Tongue hanging out of its mouth
  • Body temperature gets too high
  • Limping or stopping frequently

In the worst cases, you may notice extreme signs of fatigue like heat stroke and heat exhaustion. It may also get injured in the joints. If you notice any of these signs, immediately stop and give your dog a brake.

Can You Take Your Beagle Running?

We know how fast a Beagle is, so can you take it running with you? Yes, you can. But make sure to take it with you only when you go running for short distances. Beagles can’t take the burden of running for more than 4-5 miles. There are a few things you can do to make the experience better:

  • Make sure to bring enough water for yourself and your Beagle to be hydrated.
  • Get some treats as well to reward it for going with you.
  • Warm up with your Beagle before running. You can take a short walk around the block.
  • Begin by slowly increasing the speed as your dog gets comfortable running beside you.
  • To prevent overheating, do your runs in the early morning or evening hours of the day.

Your Beagle will love running beside you and you can spend some precious time together. Just make sure to keep an eye on it because it might start chasing after birds or small animals.

Will The Beagle Run Away?

Because the Beagle running speed is high, it will be a problem if yours starts running away. Beagles have very sensitive noses and are curious about the scents they pick up. So you might find yourself in a situation where your Beagle runs away from you. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Getting the scent of a female dog in heat.
  • Picking up different pheromones of other dogs and being curious about them.
  • Someone is making a barbecue nearby.
  • An active squirrel or a bird is in its vicinity.

How To Prevent Your Beagle From Running Away

You have to understand that these are all natural instincts of the dog. There are a few things you can do to prevent this behavior.

Get your Beagle on a leash whenever you take walks. An extendable leash is great if you want to give it the freedom to explore around, but prevent it from getting lost. If you feel like the leash is not ideal for your pup, you can get it a dog harness.

Give plenty of exercise to meet its needs. That way, the running Beagle won’t have any excess energy to spend running away after random scents.

If it gets too far away from you, sit down on the ground, or lie down, but always have it in your sight. That way it will get curious about your behavior and come to check if you are good. If it’s playing in the yard, make sure to supervise so you will prevent it from running away.

Beagle running fast towards you from a distance

Final Thoughts – How Fast Can Beagles Run?

Beagles are popular dogs known for their athleticism and ability to run really fast. On average, a Beagle will run around 20 miles per hour. This can vary for individual dogs as some can be faster than others.

Its athletic build with a long and muscular body, long tail, wide shoulders, and paws allow it to run very fast. The speed can also depend on its genes, age, weight, and the weather and terrain it runs on.

You can make your Beagle faster by giving it proper exercise and diet, keeping it healthy, and doing some weight and agility training.

Even though Beagles can run fast, they can only run up to 3-4 miles before getting fatigued. You should know the signs of exhaustion before you take it on a long run with you.


Are Beagles very hyper?

Because Beagles are bred to be hunting dogs, they are very high-energy dogs. This means that you need to give them enough exercise to keep them content. Otherwise, the dog will start jumping on you and act hyperactive around the home.

Can Beagles be let off the leash?

We know how fast can Beagles run so it is not advised to let them off their leash. If you want to walk it without a leash, you should spend some time training it with a dog whistle and positive reinforcement.

At what age do Beagles calm down?

On average, Beagles calm down at 1 year of age. That said, Beagles are normally filled with energy so even if their hyperactivity calms down, they will still need a lot of exercise.

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